Facts About Vape Juices and Johnny Creampuff Flavors

The modern e-cig also known as vape is the new and stylish introduction that allow vapers of all kind to enjoy a variety of flavors and enhance their overall vaping experience. Today vaping is enjoyed by people who are looking for an alternative to traditional smoking with a fun and delicious flavor twist. ¬†However, there are certain facts about vaping that many people do not know. Let us check out some of such facts below –

  • Vaping and Smoking are Different

Many people still get confused between vaping and smoking; they think vaping is another form of smoking. However that’s not true. Vapor and smoke may look the same from a distance but there is difference. While smoke is created by burning a substance, vape is produced when a liquid is heated at a high temperature. In case of vape a vape battery is used to heat a vape juice and is a healthier option as it just changes the state of the e liquid into a vapor. On the other hand, smoke is the waste of a burned product and has harmful chemicals.

  • Vaping Competitions are Becoming Popular

Did you know, vaping competitions exist? Yes, vaping competitions are a real thing which involves cloud chasing. The vaper who creates the most considerable vapor clouds wins the competition. Vapers enjoy trying to outdo other vapers. And vaping competitions are becoming popular across the globe.

  • Vaping Exists Since the Ancient Egyptian Era

If you think vaping is a new concept, then you are wrong. Indeed, the new vapes emerged in the mid-2000s, but it exists since ancient Egyptian era. The ancient Egyptians used to mix different herbs and head them into vapor which helped them clear their minds and cure certain diseases. However, the fancy vape devices came into existence much later.

Over time many delightful vape juices came into existence, that have made vaping experience even more enjoyable and exciting. When talking about vaping and vape juices, Johnny Creampuff is one of the most popular vape juice manufacturers known for creating some of the best creamy flavors. Originally developed by Tinted Brew, Johnny Creampuff is a baker’s confectionary dream that combines delicious flavors that entice taste buds of every vaper.

Original by Johnny Creampuff 100ml

Some of the best-selling flavors from the manufacturer include:

  • Original by Johnny Creampuff 100ml – It is a combination of heaping dollops of smooth creamy vanilla filling that is jam packed into an oven fresh Italian creampuff pastry. This e juice is masterfully crafted. So, enjoy the delectable creamy goodness of a freshly-baked creampuff drizzled with vanilla icing.
  • Blueberry by Johnny Creampuff 100ml – Another delightful e juice that is a sweet and decadent blueberry vanilla cream puff. This e juice is perfectly crafted that gives your sweet tooth a satisfying experience. Enjoy the Blueberry and vanilla cream filling in the most delicious way!
  • Strawberry by Johnny Creampuff 100ml – This creampuff comes with a combination of strawberry and vanilla filling. All strawberry lovers out there relish this beauty to the fullest.


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