Five Aspects To Consider For Selecting The Best Carpet

When you land up in a carpet store, then you will see in front of your carpets from various mills and manufacturers. The carpets differ in the process of manufacture, quality and price. If you do not educate yourself before landing at a carpet store, it may be not very clear to select the best carpet. So, please read our guide before you land at a carpet store in Khemisset Morocco to choose the best carpet. Our guide, consisting of five aspects, will help you buy a quality carpet that enables you to have comfort, durability, and enhance your house’s beauty.


The use of the room 

As you land at the store, it is wise to have prepared to answer questions that the dealer will ask you about using the room where you will place the carpet. The probable questions that you may face are about the size and use of the room. They will also ask about the footfall in the room. Be prepared to know whether the room has access from the outside.

Having answers to these questions, the dealer will gauge the grade and style of the Moroccan carpet that will best suit your requirements.

The decision on colour and style 

The use of the room will help you to decide on the colour of the carpet to buy. If the room has heavy use, it is ideal not to purchase a light-coloured or white carpet. If you have kids in your house, it is wise not to buy light coloured carpets, as it will require much of maintenance. Fortunately, Moroccan carpets are bold in colour, so it would not be challenging to select one for your house from a carpet store in Khemisset Morocco.


If the room’s size is small, then it is ideal to buy a light-coloured carpet, as it will help the room look bigger. If the room is big, you need to buy a mid-to-darker coloured carpet. The lighting condition also influences the colour of the carpet to buy. A room with plenty of light can display the carpet’s actual colour, while a darker room requires a light-coloured carpet.

The cost to consider

While deciding the cost, you need to know whether you are purchasing the carpet to enhance the curb appeal to sell your house. It may also be that you are buying it to re-design the rooms for your use. If you are a home seller, then it is best to prefer neutral-toned carpet. However, if you are redesigning your house, you can select the varied nature of the carpet at affordable cost at the carpet store in Khemisset Morocco.


While deciding on the cost does not settle for a low-cost carpet. Doing such it is not possible to buy quality carpets. It is wise to pay a few dollars more to buy a quality carpet.

Buy the best quality carpet

Reputed carpet stores in Morocco have quality carpets. However, not all are of the same quality. The carpets may look identical, but the weaving technology makes the difference in quality. Try to buy carpets made by Moroccan Berber rugs artisan family. They follow traditional weaving methods and use the best of raw materials to hand weaves the carpets.

Have a look at the labelling 

Look at the label attached to the carpet to understand the quality and nature of the carpet that you are going to purchase.


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