Two Most Important Tips to Get Started Vaping in The Right Way

This may sound like a no brainer, particularly for individuals who’ve smoked marijuana or cigarettes in the past, but you would be astounded by the number of people who complain regarding their vape just because they don’t know how to inhale or use the device properly. Here we are going to talk about the right vaping techniques, in an endeavour to aid vapers make the most of their device & vape juice.

Start with a simple & easy-to-use device:

If you are yet to use a vaporizer, your best possibilities for success are with a simple & easy to use device. Variable wattage & powerful box mods may be luring, but the large number of adjustable features may prompt more trouble than they are worth. Though you mayn’t get the gigantic plumage that is usually related with vaping, a simple device will cater as a good stepping stone to ultimately shift to the more powerful mods.

Choose the correct vape juice:

Selecting the correct vape juice is one of the most important part of a positive vaping experience, but goes beyond choosing a flavour you relish. Nicotine preference may rely exclusively on the yser, but choosing the correct volume of nicotine is important for any vaper and can make or break your vaping experience. Also, it need to be noted that e-liquids with high nicotine concentration usually avail in smaller bottles, whereas e-juices with lower nicotine will come in larger containers.

  • Higher nicotine: 12mg-60mg – best with lower power devices
  • Medium nicotine: 6mg-12mg – best with low to medium power devices
  • Low nicotine: 0mg-6mg – best with higher power, but can fit all devices

Determining the right amount of nicotine for you can be very difficult. If you’re a smoker, the amount you used to consume can help determine your nicotine levels, though this can differ depending on your ability to tolerate the throat hit of higher nicotine vape juices.

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