Five Lip-Smacking E Juices by FRYD

We all have weakness for cakes and cookies. However, having them frequently can become risky for our health! But good news is that we can enjoy the taste and flavor of delicious cakes, cookies and creams without adding calories to our diet! Want to know how? Then the answer is vape juices by FRYD. FRYD E-liquid is one of the premier vape juice manufacturers offering creamy flavored e liquids in the market. So if you are craving for your favorite cookie but cannot have it because of health issues, then opt for the e liquids by FRYD now.

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Let us check out the various flavors that FRYD has in its collection for cookie cravers like us below –

  1. Funnel Cake by Fryd 120ml

Funnel Cake by FRYD, 120ml is a classic dessert that offers the delicious flavors of the summer days at the fair. It emulates the delicious crispy deep fried funnel cake with the fluffiest of dough and creates a flavor that will make you go aww. Enjoy this mouth-watering vape juice today and relish your summer memories to the fullest.

  1. Cream Cookie by Fryd 120ml

Cream Cookie by Drip Fried (FRYD E-Liquid) is the amalgamation of deep-fried cookies and cream treats with rich chocolate and sweet filling. It offers you a feel of a carnival.The vape juice offers a smooth experience both on the inhale as well as the exhale. It creates a truly pleasant vaping experience which makes you get indulged in your favorite childhood Oreo snack flavor.

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  1. Banana by Fryd 120ml

Banana by Drip Fried (FRYD E-Liquid) is another delectable vape juice from the house of FRYD. It is a combination of deep-fried golden banana slices with butterscotch, buttery cream and crunchy graham crackers.

  1. Ice Cream by Fryd 120ml

Cream Cookie by FRYD is a lip-smackingejuice that offers fried vanilla bean ice cream flavor. On the inhale you will enjoy the taste of sweet vanilla bean, and on the exhale you will experience a deep fried golden cake crust that will leave an eternal flavor on your taste buds.

  1. Cream Cake by Fryd 120ml

Cream Cakes by Drip Fried (FRYD E-Liquid) is a deep fried sweet treat. This flavor is a perfect concoction ofa sweet yellow sponge cake and vanilla whipped cream jammed into center which is then dipped in cake batter and deep fried to a golden brown finish. On the inhale you will relish the flavor of a deep fried spongecake. On the exhale enjoy the flavors of cake batter and whipped topping.

Funnel Cake by Fryd 120ml (2x60ml)



E Juice Store carries some of the most delectable e juice flavors by FRYD that include Cream Cookie, Cream Cake, Ice Cream, Banana and Funnel Cake by Fryd 120ml.

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