Five Reasons You Need To Have A Moroccan Carpet At Your House

It is for sure that you have heard of Beni Ourain carpets and seen those many times used on the floors of hotels and friend’s houses. So, why not have such at your home. You may be confused about the reasons why to have such a carpet. To clear your confusion, we have listed here five of the most important reasons to have Moroccan carpet at your house.


Versatile design

The minimalist design of these carpets makes it ideal to suit any design style. You can have these at your Scandinavian cozy cottage to have a free-spirited boho interior or in your minimalist loft. The recognizable pattern you can have from reputed manufacturers and distributors is an allover trellis of large, executed diamonds finished over a dark brown or black on an ivory background.


Though you may think the weaving of the carpet carelessly, however, the truth is different. The little flaws are intentional to reflect the human touch of the weaver. The carpets are genuinely timeless and fit any interior design that you have.

Piece of art

Each piece of Morocco carpet you can have from reputed manufacturers and distributors is a small art piece. They reflect the tradition, culture and lifestyle of the weaver and the Moroccan people in general. The wool’s quality makes the carpet suitable for the preservation of heat, wind and sand.


When you invest in purchasing such a carpet, you actually bring home the culture, tradition, and style of Morocco.

Every carpet is unique

These carpets are handmade and each one is unique. Every carpet has a story to tell and no other carpet tells the same story. It is the story of the weaver weaving the carpet. The same tradition descended through generations guides the weaving of the carpets and reflected Moroccan people’s religion and belief.

Easy to maintain

The carpets may seem fragile and delicate; however, it is easy to clean. A regular vacuum is an ideal way to clean these carpets and extend their lifespan without damaging the fiber. If there is a stain, you can use a dilute solution of shampoo to clean it. You can have the carpet cleaned by professionals once a year to have the best of cleaning.


Helping the passion and art alive

As told, each Moroccan carpet is handmade delicately by an artisan using the best of materials. When you purchase a carpet, you help to keep the passion and artistry alive. The passionate weaver will have a boost to weave more and make it possible for all to have such carpets at home.

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