Buy Pancake Man Mix 180 DIY Kit Vape Juice

Pancake Man is one of the most flavorful vape blends from Tasty Flavors. It has a warm stack of fluffy pancakes coated with butter evenly, topped with whipped cream and drizzled with maple syrup.

Tasty Flavors is the company behind Vape Breakfast Classics and founded in 2013. The vaping company comes with an innovative lineup of flavors including the breakfast themed flavors. They intend to share their breakfast themed flavors with all the breakfast lovers from all around the world.


Now their new flavor Pancake Man Mix 180 DIY Kit Vape Juice tops the list of every breakfast vaping enthusiast. Though this is a DIY kit, you can make 3mg, 6mg, 12mg or 18mg Nicotine intake best suiting your personal preferences. You just add the right amount of drops to get your desired level of nicotine in your vape juice bottle.

Upon buying this DIY kit vape juice, you will be provided with a nicotine sample, which equals to six servings. Every serving applies to 60ml end format and is equal to 100mg. It’s advised you should never consume it on its own.

How Do You Mix Nicotine in Your DIY Kit Vape Juice?

  • If you want to make 3mg nicotine strength, take a 60ml empty bottle and add 30 drops. Start filling the bottle to the top with your preferred liquid and shake well.
  • If you want to have 6mg strength, add 60 drops to a 60ml empty bottle and fill up the bottle to the top with your desired vaping liquid and shake perfectly.
  • For 12mg Nicotine strength, you should add 90 drops to a 60ml empty bottle. After that, take your favorite liquid to the top and shake well before vaping.
  • For 15mg Nicotine strength, consider adding 120 drops in a 60ml empty bottle. Fill up the bottle to the top with your preferred liquid and shake well.

What will you get in a Pancake Man Mix 180 DIY Kit?

  • One 60ml flavor concentrate for three 60ml servings and total 180ml
  • One 120ml VG/PG mixture for three 60ml servings combined with Pancake Man flavor concentrate
  • One 60ml empty mixing bottle with marked measurements on the bottle to mix the right ratio
  • One instruction card to make your vape juice
  • One QR code to scan code and receive your preferred supplement

Final Consideration –

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