Frequently Asked Questions About Construction Document Management System

If you are reading this post, then possibilities are your construction document management system needs an overhaul. Gone are the days when paper, pen, and a filing cabinet could keep your documentation safe, organized, and easily accessible. In an ever-changing world, construction document management is quickly evolving. Most corporations today are using document management software to get the job done.


Why construction firm have a strong need for document management system?

All businesses need to track, organize, share, and manage their important documents – but because of the nature of construction work a secure, cloud-based document management software is especially important for construction documents. Since construction project implementation consist of complicated project management & shareholder collaboration, construction firms have an especially strong need for a robust document management software.


Why employ software to store construction documents?

Construction projects need association with several shareholders, managing communications across teams, and assuring everybody is working off of current up-to-date construction documents such as drawings. Change of orders, and RFIs. In the construction industry, it’s important to have project documents organized into a single source of truth. This assures that the whole construction crew has the complete & up-to-date info they require in order to accomplish the job properly.


What benefits expected from a robust document management system?

  • Enhanced collaboration: By storing construction documents in a cloud-based, digital platform, you are allowed to easily provide stakeholders and team members with the appropriate level of access & visibility.
  • Save time & decrease managerial load: When you’ve a single source of truth for accessing project info, everybody can get the info they require with lesser emails, phone calls, and disruptions.
  • Cost savings: With a digital document storage solution by your side, you can decrease paper, printing, and managerial expenses related with manual processes.


What are some of the features to look for in a document management system?

  • Unrestricted storage – You must be able to save all your important project documents in place, for a single source of truth. Choose a system with no restriction on storage to ensure you don’t need to pick and choose.
  • In the cloud – With a cloud-based document management system, you can access project documents like drawings, change orders, financial info such as budgets & costs, submittals , and more from anywhere, even from the field on mobile gadgets such as tablets and smartphones.
  • Unlimited Users: With robust permission & access control ensure everybody on the project team, including vendors, subcontractors, and other external shareholders have the info they require.

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