Heighten Your Vaping Experience With A Disposable Pod

A disposable pod vape is a non-rechargeable e-cig that is shaped like a small vaporizer. Manufacturers have dumped the conventional tobacco cigarette look and emphasized on a more modern approach. Also the new design made room for a larger battery & a larger e-juice tank.

And since nicotine salts are very popular, it is no wonder that most tossable pod vapes make use of salets e-juices in contrary to freebase nicotine.

The typical disposable pod vape is no more than three inches long, is fuelled by a 240mAh battery and boasts a 1.2ml vape juice tank. This is more than half of what a conventional disposable provides.

The ergonomic built makes it simpler to hold & carry around, without needing worry it might get lost in your pocket. It is also stealthier & more unobtrusive than your typical cig-a-like disposable. There is no LED tip that lights up when you inhale and most people won’t even realize what you’re doing.

Blue Razz Blizzard Disposable Pod:

Blue Razz Blizzard Disposable Pod (3500 Puffs) by Titan is not just one of the biggest devices, but also one of the most flavourful as well. The device uses a unique mesh coil that boost each flavour. With twelve superb flavours, Titan 3500 employs amendable airflow technology that lets you select how you wish to vape. This device can be recharged with fast charging USB-C.

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