How Do You Vape the Remarkable Fluffy Marshmallow Flavor?

Keep It 100 has garnered recognition in the vape product industry as a reliable vaping brand. The vape product supplier has gained popularity and has been known as a trustworthy brand by vaping enthusiasts in the community. The vape brand has a full arsenal of premium vape juice flavors. Keep It 100 stands out in the vaping industry by using its unique, proven culinary skills. Mallow vape juice by Keep It 100 100ml is a bright flavor within the list of finely-crafted flavors. You will feel amazing when you vape this remarkable flavor.


Mallow (Mallow Man) by Keep It 100 100ml is a unique flavor featuring unique traits to make it taste as it does. The vape juice has a strong taste of soft sugary cookies and a perfect layer of melted marshmallows that overflow the sides. Keep It 100 vape juice has made this definitive flavor perfect while giving you a satisfactory vaping experience in every puff.

Get ready to enjoy the tasty savor of sugar cookies on the inhale and take advantage of the ever-lasting impression. This remarkable flavor gives you a rush of fluffy marshmallow flavor. All of this happens within a split second. Your tastes will slow downtime to enjoy every moment to the fullest and allow you to dissect every flavor particle. This taste will interpret it to make you genuinely believe that you are eating fluffy marshmallows and cookie flavor.

However, you will exhale the flavorful vapes while speeding up time and will be left with tasty residuals to linger. This incredibly snack-like flavor will make you revisit the vaping experience repeatedly. Mallow (Mallow Man) by Keep It 100 comes in a 100mL chubby gorilla bottle and allows you to fill tanks and drippers much more quickly. This Keep It 100 vape blend has the 70/30 VG/PG, which gives you a chance to enjoy the perfect balance of flavors and vapor production. To satisfy your vape taste buds, you can choose from 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strengths that best suit your preferences.

Whether you want to enjoy the blend of sugar cookies or the creamy, gooey, and fluffiness of marshmallow flavor in the form of a vape, you should choose Mallow (Mallow Man) by Keep It 100 100ml. It is the flavor that you will enjoy vaping again and again. You will enjoy vaping the delicious mix of sugary cookies and fluffy marshmallows. You will enjoy craving this flavor all day long. To enjoy the delicious sugar cookies and marshmallow flavor, shop for Mallow (Mallow Man) by Keep It 100 100ml from Ejuice Store – a reliable online vape shop. For more information about our vape flavor and its uniqueness, please visit our website today at

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