Princess Diana – The True “Queen of Hearts”

If Princess Diana were alive today it would have been her 61st birthday this year on 1st of July. On her 60th birthday last year, a statue of the Princess of Wales was unveiled at the Kensington Palace, London in her honour. Even after 25 years of her death she rules the hearts of millions. That is why she was, is and will always be the “Queen of Hearts“.

Princess Diana was known as People’s Princess and there were several reasons that gave her the title. She was the style icon, loving mother and the most down to earth member of the Royal family. She stood beside the sufferers all over the world from South Africa to India, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Indonesia. The noble work she was doing all over the world was so commendable that following her death, Nelson Mandela said that he was devastated as the Princess could have done so much more for the people!



Princess Diana was born to a family of British nobility in 1961 and got into the Royal family by marrying Prince Charles in 1981. She was affectionate and used to get mixed well among commoners. In one of her interviews with BBC she revealed her wish to be “Queen of Hearts”. She was dedicatedly into charities and patron of more than 100 charity organizations.

Some of her noble works for the society include:

Breaking the Stigma against AIDS

In the year 1987, Princess Diana inaugurated the first AIDS unit in the London Middlesex Hospital. Also she shook hands with the HIV patients which was something that none of the Royal members have ever done before. Despite the scientists concluding that AIDS could not be transmitted through casual contacts, food, water or air by 1983, most of the people had doubts regarding the spread of HIV. By shaking hands with an HIV patient Princess Diana broke the stigma about HIV. She also became a patron for the National AIDS Trust that took her to South Africa in March 1997 where she met President Nelson Mandela. The president wished to join Nelson Mandela children’s Fund and Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund to aid the people living with HIV.

Landmines Destruction

During World War II, a number of landmines and explosive devices were hidden within the grounds to destroy enemy targets which killed and hampered thousands of civilians even after decades of the Second World War. Along with Halo Trust, Princess Diana worked to remove landmines. She walked through the minefields wearing a protective visor from Halo. It grabbed global attention for eliminating landmines hidden under the grounds that destroyed many lives for decades.


Mental Health Awareness and Diminishing Homelessness and Poverty

 In order to diminish poverty, homelessness and ensure a bright future for the adolescents of the UK she became a patron for Centrepoint, a charity organization providing shelter and support to younger masses across the UK in 1992. Also, Princess Diana openly spoke about mental health issues and created awareness about the same among the people.

Besides these there is so much that she did for the society, which made her win the hearts of millions making her the “Queen of Hearts” which she wished for.


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