How SketchUp Helps Architects

Being an architect you can envisage designs in your mind’s eye. You can visualize precisely what your design will look like when it is done.

Sadly, your clients possibly don’t have that that same expertise, so it is tough for them to envisage the finished project.


No doubt you can set up a face-to-face meeting. You can even opt for a field visit to the following a presentation of AutoCAD drawings or even a designer’s interpretation of the design. The client signs the agreement and the project gets on track.

But after a couple of weeks afterward your client calls you to say that he is at the site and it is not what he envisaged.

How such ridiculous things can happen?

Well, it is very straight forward and simple! Your client just did not observe it like you.


Fortunately, with SketchUp you will never have to encounter this issue again. SketchUp is a 3-dminesnional modeling & rendering software set, prepared with final placements of the project in mind.

What are the benefits of SketchUp?

  • It is easy to put together your design as it is designed to act like extension of your hand.
  • Since SketchUp is a powerful, intuitive and simple-to-learn 3D drawing tool it adjust to the realistic drawings you will produce first.
  • With SketchUp you can choose from a wide range of architecture that best fits your design & satisfies your client as it let you to render surfaces in a range of “styles”.
  • SketchUp makes it easy to integrate with software that equips extra capabilities. Also, it supports third-party “plug-in” applications.
  • SketchUp lets you place your model within “Google Earth” – right on the actual site!


SketchUp allows your clients to have a look at their projects on the site prior to its built. That is because it incorporates the 3D design model with virtual placement into the leading platforms where people anticipate to see them.


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