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How To Choose The Right Jeweller

Jewelry is an investment, so we don’t buy it on a whim. We do our research, compare prices, and generally make sure to get what we want before making a commitment to buy. Part of that process involves finding the right jewelry store. So how do we do that? Here are some tips on what to look for in a jewelry store.

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Finding the Best Jewelry Store for You:

First, you should get answers to some basic questions about a jewelry business. Does it have a good reputation? Have people recommended it to you? What are reviews saying about the store? How long has it been in business? If you can find out these things, you’ll have an idea of how reliable, how well-made its products are and how good its customer service is. A jewellery store with consistent positive reviews is certainly a better choice than one with erratic reviews that range from excellent to awful.

The jewelers:

A good jewelry store should have staff on hand that are knowledgeable about the different types of jewelry settings and gemstones and their properties. They should also be friendly, patient and able to answer your questions as well as listen to your concerns.

Customer support:

What kind of customer service does the store offer? You’re looking for a jeweler that takes an interest in your needs, not just someone who wants to sell you something. How personalized is the service? Do you receive clear answers to your questions without too much pressure to buy something? What you want here is a jeweler that works with you as a partner, not just another sale. Staff & customer support are particularly significant if you’re seeking a jeweler who can craft custom pieces.

Custom jewelry:

Ask whether the jeweler has skilled artisans to assist you with custom jewelry. Can they take a photo or sketch and turn it into a piece of custom jewelry? Do they have examples of their past work, so you can see how they use different gemstones in different settings? Many people also look for a jeweler who can recreate sentimental pieces of jewelry, such as lost engagement rings or family heirlooms. It’s important to know that the jewelers working on these projects understand the sentimental value of your piece. This way, when they recreate it, you will like it as much as you appreciated the original one.

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