How To Fix Your Harsh Vaping Experience

We often get asked from our customers how to sort out a harsh vape? Though. There’re no shortages of tips & tricks online on how to attain a smoother vape experience, we decided to guide you through this by offering some very handy tips.

Why is my e-cig too harsh?

Well, there’re 4 primary reasons why your e-cig is too harsh and they are:

  • The nicotine level of your e-juice is too high
  • Incorrect PG & VG ratio
  • Your erratic voltage device boast a voltage which is too high
  • You’ve closed the airflow

How to fix the issue?

If you’ve an e-cig with high nicotine level, try decreasing the level to 6 milligram because the less nicotine content you’ve in your vape juice, the smoother it’ll be.

Fixing the proportions of your PG & VG can have an incredible impact on the smoothness of your overall vaping experience. The propylene glycol is what makes the flavor & produces the vape hit, whereas the vegetable glycerin is the vapor production. We’d recommend checking out an e-juice with a higher vegetable glycerin to make your harsh vape smoother.

In the case you’re making use of a changeable voltage device, the higher the voltage the more vapor that’s generated which entails you’re breathing in more nicotine. Turn down the voltage to produce less vapor & relish a smoother vape.

In the event you’ve a vape tank with an adjustable airflow setting, closing the airflow can assist in getting a more concentrated vapor with more nicotine content. If it is too harsh for you, don’t hesitate to open the airflow more for a smoother vaping experience.

For a stronger throat hit, you can use a higher nicotine juice because more nicotine equals more throat hit. If you’ve a sub ohm tank, choose a higher PG blend – a roughly 50/50 PG/VG mix is good. You can also go with a menthol based vape juice as menthol boost throat hit significantly. Citrus blends can work too.

For a gentler throat hit, you better reduce your nicotine strength. Also, lower-power vaping keeps the vapor cool & the throat hit gentle. Sweet, creamy or bakery e-liquids provide a generally smooth throat hit. Coffees & tobaccos can have the same effect as well.

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