How To Give A Massive Boost to Your Vape Juice Flavors

With almost nine million Americans purportedly vaping, more smokers are looking for alternatives to cigarettes than ever. Whether it is due to the wide range of vapor flavors available or because of the less injurious effect on smoker’s lungs, there’re so many reasons to choose to vape.

For many new vapers, the excitement of producing massive vapor cloud is the most delightful part of vaping, whereas for others it is the flavor that they seek.

Fortunately, vapers who are looking to make the most of their vape juice flavors have got so many options. Here are a few ways of improving your e-liquid flavors.

Make sure the airflow is tight:

Too much airflow passing through the coil is perhaps one of the leading causes of getting weakening flavor. Though excessive air flow is ideal to make massive plumes of smoke, it unfortunately weakens the flavor. To improve it, you’ll need a dense & warm setting for vaping plus tuning the airflow entry point of your e-cig. Or else, you won’t be able to retain the flavor. To improve your flavor, you better try a narrower airflow.


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Change your wattage & flavor:

The setting that determines the heat of your coil will determine the type of flavor you obtain. Flavor chasers like changeable wattage/voltage devices in comparison to simpler devices!

Every vape juice has a different favorable temperature. While some taste fabulous at 20 watt, others will taste better at 30 watt. At the end of the day, it is your device & coil temperature that makes the major difference.

Give Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin by Noms X2 120ml a try if you are looking for a heavy e-liquid that possess great flavor & cloud production. Crazy, but incredibly delicious this vape juice available at E Juice Store can be your go-to juice if you love Cactus, Jackfruit, and Mandarin as fruits.

Buy yourself a quality atomizer:

Your atomizer plays an important part in the volume of flavor you obtain your e-cig. As flavor is mainly depend on the wick, getting yourself a bottom-coil atomizer can be very effective. Also, you want to ensure that you have got a good performing tank as some tanks help in boosting flavor production.

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Everybody has their own favorite kind of vape juice flavors. Once you find flavors & brands that work for you, stick with it! For a wide range of flavor options, feel free to visit EJuice Store.

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