How to Look Comfortable In Your Engagement Photos

Engagement photos can be an anxious process, especially if you’re not comfortable being in front of the camera. Whether you are already engaged or you think it is around the corner, we would like to provide a few tips on nailing your engagement pictures.

Wear something you are very comfortable in:

You have probably read this tip hundreds of time before, but it truly is the most important thing to look good in your engagement photos. If you buy outfits that are too tight, you will perhaps spend your entire engagement shoot session picking at them or covering yourself up. If you buy something you have never worn before, you will be concerned about your look in it or may find it is actually horribly uncomfortable, which will be visible in your pictures.

Pick dresses that make you feel good about yourself. If you do want to give something new a try, take it for a test run. Remember engagement photos are illustrative of your own personalities, and you must feel & dress like yourself.

Steam or iron the dress before time:

Talking about what to wear, ensure to de-wrinkle your outfits prior to your engagement shoot. The least favourite question of a professional engagement photographer in Los Angeles is “can you just Photoshop that out later?” Quite often having things such as wrinkles retouched in your pictures come at an extra cost per photo. Save yourself the stress & get wrinkle-free before time.

Book professional hair & makeup service for your engagement shoot:

If you are very much confident about your hair & makeup skills, then you better check out or next tip. However, if you have never done makeup for photos or you are not actually certain what to do with your hair, you may wish to schedule a salon visit prior to your engagement photo session.

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Make a day out of it:

The best piece of advice you can stick to is to make your engagement shoot part of a day-long date. This not just offer you ample time for images without feeling hurried, but beginning your day in this frame of mind help you feel connected with your would-be spouse as you move closer to the photo session. Kick start your day with coffee or brunch at your favourite location and invite your engagement photographer in Los Angeles to meet you there and take a few shots prior to changing locations.

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