What Are The Common Vaping Mistakes People Make When They’re New To Vaping

It is easy to make a few errors when you are new to something, especially vaping. Being an experienced vaper, I would like to guide you through some of the common vaping mistakes people make when they are new tovaping.

Investing on a complex vape mod from the word go:

The most common mistake new vapers make while starting to vape is investing on the incorrect device. Sadly, some online vape shops encourage this by selling costly complicated vape devices which aren’t the right choice for vapers who are new to the scene.

When new to vaping, you would rather opt for something which is easy to use, has a draw similar to that of a cigarette, and provides the right throat hit. One excellent choice for new vapers is a pod system which is compact and come with an automatic draw.

Buying e-cigarette of poor quality:

You can understand it. Someone who has never bought a vape can easily assume they’re all the same – that the £10.00 vape pen with 5 year old technology displayed on a market stall or in a garage is the same as any other device.

But that’s just not the case. Buying the wrong vape can lead to:

  • Poor performance
  • Poor vapour production
  • Poor nicotine products
  • Poor battery life
  • Poor flavour production
  • Coils burning out
  • Coils not fitting

Beginning with the incorrect nicotine strength:

Another common mistake most new vapers make is starting with the incorrect nicotine strength. It is especially critical not begin with a nicotine strength that is too low. Your vape has to be gratifying enough to replace tobacco cigarettes. It’s worth considering that nicotine isn’t the mere thing that contribute towards cigarette addiction. If you’ve a nicotine level that’s too low, then the odds are you will discover that the vape isn’t pleasing enough to substitute cigarettes.

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