How To Pace Your Vape? Know Your Ideal Pace

When enjoying a vape not many of us stop & think regarding the pace at which we are taking our hits. Most vapers tend to vape at their own pace, and they are likely to ignore the role that their individual pace plays in several aspects of their vaping experience.

So what is the ideal pace to vape? Let’s find out below:

As you’d suppose, there is no perfect pace to vape at, as individual vapers have their own unique likings, budgets, tolerance and more. Let’s have a glance at the different aspects that should be considered while deciding which pace is right for you.

Your vaping setup:

Yes, your complete setup has so much to do with the pace that is going to offer you the utmost pleasure. High-wattage setups, such as powerful sub-ohm mods, offer you more vapor per puff, which would entail that you can vape at a slower pace, since each hit offers you huge amount of vapor at a time.

Your nicotine strength:

Your nicotine strength has a vital role to play in deciding the right vaping pace for you. Your nicotine strength denotes to the proportion of nicotine in your vape juice, which is calculated in milligrams. A lot of vapers base their pace off of their nicotine strength without even being awake of it. Usually, the higher the nicotine proportion of your e-liquid, the slower your vaping pace will be, while those with lower nicotine strength will vape quicker.

Your vape liquid flavor:

The flavor of your vape liquid has a lot to do with the pace that is appropriate for you. For example, if your e-liquid is exceedingly sweet you mightn’t feel the urge to vape very fast, as the sugariness keeps you feeling contended for some time before you want more. Or, if you are vaping an extremely rich flavored e-juice like Coffee Creme Tobacco by Saucy Classics 60ml, you might observe that vaping too fast is simply too much for the taste to manage.

Your objectives with vaping:

Different vapers have different priorities and this can play an important part in deciding your vaping pace. Vapers who’re cloud-chasers would like to vape more slowly, as they are taking massive hits of vapor to create those dense clouds, whereas vapers who’re vaping only for the nicotine content may vape quicker since their objective is acquiring a full volume of nicotine into their tank each time they vape. Moreover, those who’ve just stopped smoking cigarettes may vape at the same speed they’d conventional tobacco.

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