What Are The Differences Between VG & PG Based Vape Juices

Attention all vape lovers: if you’re on the search of vape liquids, you’ll see different ratios for “VG” and “PG” in the descriptions. For instance, when looking at e juice like Peach Pear by Juice Head 100ml – there’s a VG/PG ratio of 70/30.

Peach Pear Vape Juice

So what does this ratio entail? What’s PG & VG? First & foremost, PG is the short form of “propylene glycol” whereas VG is the short form of “vegetable glycerin”. Let’s talk about them in detail:

Propylene Glycol (PG) Vape Juice:

PG is an odorless and colorless petroleum derivative. This constituent offers what vapers call a “throat hit” on the inhale. A throat hit replicate the sensation while smoking tobacco items. Therefore, tobacco enthusiasts generally draw towards vape juice that features a higher Propylene Glycol. Moreover, PG vape juice is less tacky option of the two, which makes it more easily soaked by cotton fabric inside cartomizers & wick tanks. Other dissimilarities in Propylene Glycol in comparison to vegetable glycerin are:

  • Less build-up: Since Propylene Glycol is liquid in terms of uniformity; it piles up fewer substances on the heating of your vaporizer. The liquid is easier to clean from your vaping device in comparison to vegetable glycerin.
  • Flavorless: PG consists of no odor and no taste, so it does not change the flavor of your vape liquid in any manner.
  • Throat hit: You get a stronger throat hit with Propylene Glycol which is identical to tobacco cigarettes.

Vegetable Glycerin (Vg) E-Juice:

Vegetable Glycerin is quite different from PG. VG is a natural stuff that’s derived from vegetable oil. Due to this it is known to be a natural chemical. Vegetable Glycerin is thicker in terms of substance, which makes dense cloud creation on the exhale. The dissimilarities in Vegetable Glycerin compared to Propylene Glycol ultimately are:

  • More build up: The dense tackiness of Vegetable Glycerin causes for more build up. With VG based vape juice more cleaning is required as with more build up your vaporizer is more vulnerable of getting blocked.
  • Flavor: VG alters vape juice flavors & makes them to sweeter in terms of taste.
  • Throat hit: Throat hit with VG is considerably less compared to PG, which makes VG-based vape liquids smoother on the throat.

Should I opt for a smoother VG vape with thicker cloud production? Or should I go with PG for a sharp throat hit? It is a difficult choice to make especially if you are new to the vaping scene. Fortunately, by exploring your options and digging into an e-juice collection you can make the decision a whole lot easier. You can also read reviews, check descriptions and decide which vape juice will best fit your needs.

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