How Vapers Can Regulate Their Sleeping Pattern Effectively

Does vaping affect sleep? The answer to this question is yes! Luckily, there’re things you can do to enjoy better sleep in night while enjoying your favourite vape juice flavour.

The theory behind nicotine & sleep deprivation:

Nicotine is a powerful stimulant, so if your vape juice has nicotine in it, this is definitely going to affect your sleep quality. Being a stimulant, it increases blood pressure, raises your heart rate and as a result make you feel awake.

E-cigs usually come with a more potent nicotine strength in comparison to typical cigarettes. This is probably the reason why when you switch from smoking to vaping you may see a change in your sleep pattern. You may have been all right smoking a cigarette last thing at night, but that last hit of nicotine from your e-cig can trigger greater withdrawal symptoms.

How to improve your sleep pattern?

The best thing you can do to improve your sleep quality would be to stop using vape juice that comes with nicotine for a few hours prior to bedtime. Switching to a vape juice that is either lower in nicotine in the evening will proffer your body an opportunity to relax and henceforth decrease the stimulating nicotine effects.

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Decrease screen time:

We all are very much aware of the fact that decreasing screen time prior to bedtime is essential. The reason behind this is that the blue rays released from your computer or mobile screens makes your brain into assuming that it’s time stay awake instead of winding down.

Stick to a regular sleep pattern:

Good sleep hygiene is helpful for everybody, especially for vapers. Setting a routine for sleep can be hugely beneficial. Even if you’re feeling the effects of nicotine from your vape juice, sticking to a regular bedtime routine can help your body to adjust itself.

Stay hydrated:

Vaping may make your throat to dry out, triggering irritation & snoring. To steer clear of this issue, it’s critical to make sure you remain hydrated all through the day by consuming adequate water. If you’re experiencing an irritated throat, give a soothing drink a try at bedtime such as decaffeinated tea with honey.

Hopefully all these aforementioned tips will help you regulate your vaping habit while not interrupting your sleep.

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