Life Lessons Princess Diana Taught Us in Her Short Lifespan

Princess Diana’s life teaches a lot of life lessons to us which cannot be summarized in a single post. Although she was not a traditional royal blood, she undoubtedly shook the royalty in the United Kingdom up in an extraordinary way. Let’s have a look at some of the positive life lessons that we all can learn from her short-lived 36 years:

  • Love is Everything

Princess Diana has a huge and loving heart which was not only displayed in her love for Prince Charles but also her love for her children and several other charities, causes and people that she came in contact with. She hugged the sick and frail without any hesitation. Also, she used to visit the homeless off camera which showed her caring nature and it was not at all a publicity stunt! She was a protector, young loving mother and a cheerful persona with a heart full of love for all. She proved love is everything..


  • Judging a Person by their Core

Today when many people judge others by labels, headlines, posts and all sorts of criteria, Princess Diana judged people by their core. We all are different, so we should be cautious of highlighting those characteristics. Princess Diana just by being herself demonstrated her core and hence was identified with her as they could see snippets of themselves in her personality. She was an idol for many.

  • Fragility is a Power

Fragility is one of the attributes that shows how powerful one can be. What can be more appealing as a fragile flower that blooms and shows us its beauty and then gradually wilts? This is a perfect example for the power of fragility. Displaying our weaknesses and not guarding our emotions is the best way to show our strength. Princess Diana was always transparent about her feelings which was noticed through her reactions while she was experiencing stress and turmoil that led her to shed a significant amount of weight! She was all real and no fake. We all need to adopt this nature of hers.

  • Celebrity Tag Comes with a Huge Price

Getting into the limelight offers a lot of opportunities but also has its downside. Remember there is not always a positive gain to the access of different people. Princess Diana went through several stages with her interaction with the media but it was a constant challenge for her specifically in terms of privacy.

  • Family is Everything

Princess Diana always believed that success is not about how much wealth or assets you possess but it is all about how healthy and balanced your family is. Money is a mere facilitator in life that gives us access to things but it can never buy the happiness that our family can give us. Princess Diana always meant and lived by that.


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