Top Four Grape Flavored Disposable Pods to Try

Any grape lovers out there? Looking for grape-licious vape experience? You can discover a wide selection of grape flavored e juices and disposable pods in the market today from the house of different manufacturers. If you are planning to try disposable pods then check out some of the grape flavored disposable pods from the house of top brands and manufacturers below:

Purple Bomb Disposable Pod comes in a pack of 3 and manufactured by VGOD STIG. It is the newest flavor that has been added to the stacked STIG line up. It is an in-your-face grape flavor that is smoothly tempered with a strong glaze of icy cold menthol. The STIG is a revolutionary all in one disposable pod device that is designed to be a rewarding alternative to tobacco-based cigarettes. It is an exceptional solution for those seeking to live a smoke-free life but are perhaps apprehensive about vaping. With the STIG Pod, your vaping experience is made simple and carefree as it is completely accessible to any adult wanting to quit smoking.

Purple Bomb Disposable

  • Grape Disposable Pod by HQD Stark

Grape Disposable Pod by HQD Stark is a fresh grape with splashes of mixed berry undertones with an exhilarating juicy finish. The Stark is a ground-breaking all in one disposable pod device that is an outstanding solution for leading a smoke-free life. If you are apprehensive about vaping then go for Stark disposable pods for a simple and carefree way to quit smoking.

  • Mango Grape Disposable Pod (1500 Puffs) by LOY XL

Are you a mango grape lover? Then LOY XL has brought you perfectly-ripe grapes blended smoothly with juicy mangos for a taste sensation that will shock your senses. It is world’s first disposable vape pen that offers a simple vaping experience. LOY XL is a small, compact disposable pod system with a 5ml capacity tank and a nicotine strength of 5% nicotine in each flavor. Each device contains around ~1500 puffs and comes with a fully charged battery so you can start vaping immediately without the hassles of needing to charge the device.

  • Grape Soda Disposable Pod (1600 Puffs) by Dual Xtra

Grape Soda Disposable Pod (1600 Puffs) by Dual Xtra is an exotic mix of grapes and ripe raspberries picked freshly from the vineyard, steeped absolute perfection. The disposable pod by Dual Xtra is designed specifically keeping the different types of vapers in mind. These devices are small and compact systems that come with a 5ml capacity tank and a nicotine strength of 5% in each flavor.

Have a Grape-licious Experience!


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