Linear Scheduling With Trimble TILOS

Global leader knows, the linear scheduling method is the fastest & most effective way to plan, optimize, schedule and implement complicated linear projects.

Because the linear scheduling method both incorporates & optimizes for the many complicated variables present with linear infrastructure projects, it stands alone as the method that produces complete & dependable linear project schedules.


As such, the automation of the linear scheduling method is at the core of the functionality of TILOS linear scheduling software.

What’s the linear scheduling method?

The Linear Scheduling Method is a graphical scheduling method that emphasizes on continuous use of resources, in a repeated manner, along both a time & a distance axis, along the optimal Right of Way (ROW).

The graphical representation of the Linear Scheduling Method is often called a Time-Distance diagram. Depending on the culture, language and country, you may use a different name for the linear scheduling method. Some of the recognized terms that have been adopted to refer to what’s now recognized as the linear scheduling method are:

Time Distance Diagram

Time Location Diagram

Time Chainage Plans

French Diagram

March Chart

Location-based scheduling


Flowline or flow line

Repetitive scheduling method

Vertical production method

What differentiates linear scheduling method from other location based scheduling methods?

What is unique about the linear scheduling method is that the rate of progress of each crew is important and assessed to make sure ample spacing between activities is maintained. If crews cross over because the work rate of the descendant crew is greater than the predecessor, then a clash happens. The Linear Scheduling method makes it feasible to recognize clashes so that work rates, lag time between crews or distances between crews can be attuned to eradicate clashes.


What are the benefits of linear scheduling method?

By optimizing the continuous use of resources, the project plan & schedule can be rendered more effectively – doing more work in less time. And where productivity is optimized and work schedules are reduced – profits are bound to be maximized.


Automating the Linear Scheduling Method:

Trimble TILOS is the world’s leading linear scheduling software. Preferred by global leaders in infrastructure planning & construction, Trimble TILOS offer dependable and comprehensive linear project schedules. By automating complicated calculations needed to optimize the linear project plan, TILOS quickly pays for itself.

To know more about TILOS – the best linear scheduling and Time Location Planning Software, get in touch with KL iTech Solutions today!

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