Make Your Glamorous Rooms Amaze With Plush Berber Beni Rugs

Rugs are acknowledged as an essential part of any home decoration. They can be used to define and coordinate any areas and control the volume, simply by adding a soft element into your home decoration. A perfect Beni rug can create a significant impact on your living space. All of them are unique pieces, expertly hand-woven, and can last for a lifetime!

The original BeniOurain rugs guarantee the stylish and elegant look to your home. Its stunning design can be easily integrated into any home and add a warm and luxurious touch to any space. The Beni Ourain rugs are likely the most comfortable rugs you have ever encountered, but do you know the story behind them? They are traditionally hand-woven with the natural wool that came from sheep moving around the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

These rugs have a fascinating story connected with the long history of the several nomadic Berber tribes and are put together with modern-day interiors. These rugs are traditionally decorated with brown, grey, or black geometric patterns, and there are no similar two BeniOuarain rugs. You can found Authentic BeniOurain rugs are built to last for a lifetime. You won’t ever find an identical rug!


TheBeni rug with thick, plush sections interspersed on a flat weave may seem too lavish for your modern space. Are you designing a modern home? You’ll likely lean towards the original BeniOurain rug that have simple and perhaps have some clean lines. In reality, it will burst of luxury and warm up your modern space and making your home truly inviting.

BeniOurain rug seamlessly blends with your current decor, hence go for one with an even pattern that uses clean, straight lines. Do you want neutral grey, white, and black colors to keep the style coherent? Adding Beni Ourain rug can achieve even more coziness, and it can artfully arrange anywhere you want (Floor, bed, or sofa).

Berber rugs come equipped with the decadent luxury that thrives on any glamorous spaces. The BeniOurain rug’s geometric patterns and its black and white pattern are a perfect fit for any home space and style. If you’re decorating a bedroom, living room, or office, these rugs will make it a unique space put your foot in. These rugs can make your room look like a palace with a high pile, thick fibers, and neutral colors.

Do you love the look of a Moroccan rug but aren’t sure how to add it to your space? Rely on Weberber, a reliable brand created in 2017 by the third generation of a Moroccan Berber artisan family located in the Middle Atlas Mountains. They work with a goal to offer natural, beautiful, and original Moroccan handmade Beni rugs at your home. Browse their website  to select your choice today! You can Stay connected with us on  facebook , twitter and pinterest pages.-