Make Your Vaping Experience Unique With The Best Disposable Pod

More & more people are embracing vaping as their preferred method of consuming cannabis. Whether walking down the roads, scooting along in traffic, or sitting outside your favourite café, it is no more a strange sight to spot a large tuft of flavourful vapour. The popularity of vaping is increasing not just due to its huge vareity of flavours but also the convenience and health benefits it offer over conventional cigarette smoking.

Currently disposable vape pods are at the front line of the vaporizer market. A vape pod is a device designed like e-cigs but much smaller in terms of size. They act like a power source that heats a cartridge to create vapour. They’re battery driven devices small in size.

There’re 5 major parts of a vape pen: button, battery, tank, atomizer and mouthpiece. Most of the vape pens available now follow an industry standard known as 510 threading, which lets you interchange nearly any cartridge onto any battery.

Modern vape pods avail with different functions & features. Knowing which feature is more important for you will help you choose the right disposable vape pod. For instance, some vape pods comes with a digital screen that gives necessary info on battery life, vaping wattage, etc.

Also the design of the vape pen plays an important role in your vaping experience. Today you can find devices in all shapes, colors and shades. So choose a device that best suit your taste and personality.

Frozen Banana Disposable Pod by Titan 3500:

If you are looking for one of the biggest and most flavourful disposable pods, then do give Frozen Banana Disposable Pod by Titan 3500 a try. The device uses a unique mesh coil to enhance each flavour you put inside it. With 12 fantastic flavours, this rechargeable device uses adjustable airflow technology to let vapers choose how they wish to vape.

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