What to Know Before Buying A Disposable Pod Online

A disposable vape pen is a battery powered device designed like e-cigs but much smaller in size. Cylindrical in shape, a disposable pod consists of a pre-filled tank, internal battery, and a coil. Disposable vape pods can be disposed of when exhausted. These devices avail in 2 varieties: draw-activated and push button.

While there’re many brands to pick from, finding the best one can be a little baffling. Here we’ve made it significantly comfortable for you with a few essential thing to know prior to purchase a disposable vape pod.

Type of coil: The type of coil is a critical consideration as it can affect the flavour of the vapour. There’re mainly 3 kinds of coils: quartz, wick, and ceramic. Among all ceramic is the ideal choice as it employs indirect heating for better taste & not burnt flavour.

The number of hit: A new vape pod should give no less than 300 hits. Purple Watermelon Disposable Pod by Titan 3500 come with 3500 puffs.This rechargeable device uses an innovative mesh coil to enhance every flavour you put into it. You can recharge this device with fast charging USB-C.

Battery life: Battery is a very critical aspect that can make or break your vaping experience. The lifespan of your battery will rely on how frequently you make use of the device. A completely charged battery must last roughly 300 puffs.

Quality: While buying disposable vape pods, you shouldn’t compromise the quality. Better quality offers you improved flavour, more consistency, and extended battery life.

How to store your disposable vape pod?

As the disposable vape pods aren’t for long-term storage, it becomes indispensable that you store it correctly to ensure that it stays well till the last puff. It’s recommended to store the device in a cool & dry place. As moisture can reduce the functionality of the device. Also, keep it away from direct sunlight. Ensure that children can’t reach the place where you keep your vape pen.

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