Mango Flavored Disposable Pods from Top Manufacturers

Mango is a fruit that is loved worldwide. Its luscious and sweet flavor makes every fruit lover go crazy over it. If you too wish to experience the mango flavor in your vape, then you can find a wide selection of mango disposable pods in market. Let us check out some of the best-selling mango flavored disposable pods from top manufacturers below.

Mango disposable pod by Puff Bar is one of the best choices if you are looking for a delightful mango retreat. Tango with your beloved exotic fruit. Puff Bar being a leading manufacturer strives to meet and exceed generic mango expectations with a unique formulation that is extremely sweet and rich in flavor.

Mango Disposable Pod by Puff Bar

  • Mango Disposable Pod by X BAR

XBAR Mango disposable pod blends dense, silky and sweet juicy mango. This small and compact disposable pod will fill you up with a rich mango flavor satisfying your taste buds to the fullest. This pod system comes with a 2.2ml capacity tank along with a nicotine strength of 5%, 2% nicotine in each flavor.

  • Mango Bomb Disposable Pod by HQD Stark

Mango Bomb Disposable Pod by HQD Stark is a perfect combination of a intense yet dripping silky and sweet thirst quenching mango. So get indulged in the magic of mango with this amazing disposable pod by HQD Stark.

  • Tropical Mango Disposable Pod – Pack of 3 by VGOD STIG

Tropical Mango Disposable Pod by VGOD STIG is another delightful mango-licious flavor that will make you fall in love with mangoes all over again. So what are you looking for? Get it today and explore the aura of mango flavor.

If you are looking for more advanced and unique flavors amalgamated with mango, then check out the following flavors from different brands.

  • Mango Peach Disposable Pod by LOY

Have you ever imagined a peachy splash with mango flavor? Do you want to try this exotic mix of flavor? Then Mango Peach disposable pod by LOY is your best bet. It is a peach and mango flavored pod complimented by fruit sweet sorbet treat. On the inhale you will relish a flavor that is a tropical mix of ripe mango and on the exhale the fresh sour peachy flavor will make your taste buds go crazy.

  • Peachy Mango Pineapple Disposable Pod by Ripe Bar

Peachy Mango Pineapple Disposable Pod by Ripe Bar is a delightful concoction of peaches and mangoes that is complimented by juicy pineapple that creates a flavor that takes to the tropics instantly.


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