Menthol Vape Juice – Top 3 Picks For 2021

Menthol is one of the vape juice flavours vapers are most expected to incline towards, so buying the finest menthol vape juice is often a critical step towards quitting smoking.

There’re hundreds of menthol options on the market, from cigarette-like, tobacco-and-menthol combinations right through to combinations of mint and dessert.

What classes as the finest menthol e liquid is partly down to your personal liking, but there’re some menthol vape juice flavours that stand out from the crowd as particularly appetizing.

If you are in search of a menthol e liquid you will keep coming back to, here are our top 3 picks:

Crisp Menthol by USA Vape

Crisp Menthol by USA Vape Lab:

If you are looking for a refreshing storm of super cool mint & extra cold flavour, then you have to give Crisp Menthol by USA Vape Lab a try. This is a perfect vape juice especially for the menthol lovers. Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg nicotine strength respectively, this smooth vape juice can be your new go-to menthol e liquid. Purchase it from to enjoy the best deal.

Menthol Blend by Black Note:

Vapers who are looking for top-quality tobacco vape juices with a menthol blend must give this e liquid a try. The tobacco alone is remarkable, since Black Note employs a natural extraction procedure to produce a genuine & nuanced tobacco flavour that is simply out of this world.

The menthol adds to this stunningly, with enough of a kick to meet your needs but staying very smooth so it goes down easily. Even without the top-notch tobacco, this’d be one of the most suggested menthol e liquid options for the practical, well-blended mint alone.

The vape juice avails in a 50/50 PG/VG mixture, so it is well suited for use in very much any atomizer on the market. It can be purchased in either 0, 3, 6, 12 or 18 mg/ml of nicotine, so you can find ample nicotine for your needs whether you are a seasoned vaper or you have just switched from smoking.

Frost Bite by Naked 100:

Naked 100 has a remarkable selection of well-captured vape juices, including many menthol vape juice flavours, However, Frost Bite earns the top position as one of the finest menthol flavours in the market for doing an incredible job of mixing fruit with a string hit of menthol. It mixes menthol with honeydew melon, pineapple and cantaloupe, with the pineapple in particular giving the vape juice plenty of character.

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