Minty Flavored Disposable Pod Vape Juices – Feel the Breeze!

Whether you are new to the world of vaping or have been vaping for quite some time, you must have heard about disposable vape pods. The disposable pods are trendiest device in vaping nowadays that is functioning mostly as a replacement for the pre-filled vape pod flavors that have been banned. You can however, find a myriad of delicious and satisfying flavors due to the use of Nic salts.

Although there are a huge selection of e liquid flavors available in the market, the mint flavored e liquids are leading the clan. You can hence discover a number of e cig manufacturers developing their version of minty flavors – some by amalgamating mint with fruity flavors while some simply focusing more on the pure menthol version. You can hence find many alternatives when it comes to mint flavored vape juice on several online vape shops.

If you too are scrolling through numerous online vape shops for finding the best mint disposable pod vape juice then take a look at some of the most loved minty disposable vape juices below.

Mint is one of the most appealing flavors for adult vapers and is an ideal all day vape to try. It neither overwhelms the taste buds with sweetness nor leaves you disappointed. The cooling sensation it offers rejuvenates your mind and taste buds while creating an experience almost the polar opposite of the heat and harshness of a combustible e cig. Now without further ado let us take a dive into the list of some of the best mint flavored disposable pods by different manufacturers.

Sweet Mint Disposable Pod Vape Juice

Sweet Mint disposable pod vape juice by Cali Bars 2K is one of the most loved and adored mint flavored disposable pods in the market. It is well-known for driving your taste buds wild. Cali Bars 2K designed this minty-licious pod keeping all of the menthol lovers of this world. Hence, they have combined the taste of mint with menthol which will leave you feeling as if you are breathing ice while having an invigorating experience.

  • Mint Ice Disposable Pod by Dual Xtra

Mint Ice by Dual Xtra is an extra-delicious, unassuming and no-frills kind of flavor that offers a cooling breezy vape experience refreshing you from within. It is smooth on the exhale leaving your taste buds with fresh minty flavor.

  • Ice Mint Disposable Pod by HQD Stark

Ice Mint disposable pod by HQD Stark is the perfect definition of simplicity when it comes to the flavor. The minty flavor of this vape juice offers the true and precise cooling feel to your taste buds on the inhale and on the exhale it offers a smooth breezy vape leaving you with a refreshing minty taste.

  • Mighty Mint Disposable Pod by LOY

LOY Mighty Mint is a disposable pod known for its wildly minty flavor. It is a pod that is ideal for all the menthol lovers of this world as these vape juices are combination of the taste of mint and menthol offering you a breathing ice feel.


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