Buying Cali Bars 2K Mango Ice Disposable Pod Vape Juice

Cali Bars 2K is a premier name in the vaping industry providing disposable pods and vape juices to choose from. All Cali Bars 2K disposables deliver delectable flavors and are perfect options for a couple hundred of flavorful puffs.

The flavors are tight drawing and extremely delicious. They create an amazing vaping and are available in complex flavors that most adult vapers love to enjoy.

Cali Bars 2K is the first disposable vape pen offering simply effortless vaping experience. In short and simple words, Cali Bars 2K is a small and compact disposable pod system that comes with 5ml capacity tank and nicotine strength of 5% in every flavor.

Every device from Cali Bars 2K contains around 2000 puffs and is available with fully charged battery. As a result, you can start vaping right away and won’t need to stress about charging the device. The disposable vapes are made by California Grown E-Liquids.

Cali Bars 2K disposable pods are available in 10 delectable flavors. You should check out its full range of tobacco-free nicotine disposables and find your favorite. They are made with tobacco-free nicotine.  The disposable devices are available in 50mg (5.0%) nicotine strength.

Mango Ice Disposable Pod Vape Juice

Buying Cali Bars 2K Mango Ice Disposable Pod Vape Juice

Cali Bars 2K Mango Ice Disposable Pod vape juice by California Grown E-Liquids comes with a disposable device with 50mg (5.0%) nicotine strength. It’s made with tobacco-free nicotine i.e. synthetic nicotine. The Mango Ice Disposable Pod vape juice gives you a flavor that’s served at some far-off like island retreat.

The disposable pod vape juice combines the sweet and succulent mango flavor with cool and icy mint finish. Upon vaping, your taste buds will embark on a refreshing tour. Apart from this, it’s a portable and convenient disposable pod device that fills with up to 2000 puffs per device.

The Cali Bars 2K Mango Ice Disposable Pod offers you with bright and tropical flavor along with cool and clean mint finish. No matter wherever you live in, get ready to enjoy highly satisfying experience while vaping. Made with 50mg (5.0%) of tobacco-free nicotine, the Mango Ice disposable is an excellent alternative to those who are looking for vaping flavors with fruity and menthol blends.

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