Mistakes You Need To Steer Clear Of While Buying Vape Juices

If you own a vaping device which you can fill yourself, you can make use of that device with a vape juice you are in love with. Since there are hundreds of different vape juices in the market, buying e liquid must be a complete adventure that never gets old.

Flavour is what makes vaping so much fun. It is a sad truth, then, that some vapers purchase the incorrect vape liquid for vaping and end up having a vaping adventure that’s not anywhere near as delightful as it could be.

Vaping must be a fabulous experience – even if you happen to purchase a vape juice with a flavour that you don’t like. If you discover that your vaping experience is not delightful, there is a great possibility that you have made a big mistake while choosing your vape juice.

Here are some of the most widespread errors that new vapers make while purchasing e liquid.

Purchasing wrong nicotine potency:

There’s a massive difference in nicotine potency between nicotine salt vape juice and freebase nicotine e liquid. There is also some modification in nicotine potency, though, among those 2 varieties of vape juice.

  • Nicotine sale vape juice generally avail potencies of 20-25mg & 40-50mg.
  • Freebase nicotine vape juice generally avails in potency of 3 & 6mg.

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Getting stuck in a Rut:

When you used to be a smoker, you perhaps discovered that you did not explore much with diverse brands of cigarettes. You discovered a brand that you loved, and you stuck with that. Why would you do anything else? Cigarettes are costly, and one brand does not truly vary all that much from others; they’ve delicate dissimilarities, but they all taste like cigarettes.

However, vape juice is nothing like cigarettes. Each brand & each flavour in a brand’s portfolio – is totally unique. One vape juice tastes like a blue raspberry slush and the next one tastes like a cookie with vanilla frosting. With so many varieties out there, you don’t have a fear of purchasing the wrong flavour, which eventually helps you in exploring new flavour. If you don’t let yourself check out as much variety as feasible, you will miss the real magic of vaping. So, keep exploring and keep finding new flavours.

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