Oval Diamond Engagement Ring – A Popular Trend Among Couples

When it comes to engagement rings the shape keeps on changing every couple of years and the new shape gets rise in popularity. And it makes its price to surge due to high demand. As of today, oval diamond engagement ring has become the trending option and loved by many couples. So if you are also looking for an oval diamond engagement ring in Canada for your beloved, you might have been told that it is almost 20% more expensive than other diamond rings. Has it affected your decision?


If you are unsure about if you should go for oval diamond engagement ring or not, then take a look at the best reasons to choose these rings:

A Smart Buy

Just like the round diamonds, oval diamonds too depict sparkle and brilliance. But an oval shaped diamond has a naturally elongated shape that covers your finger more and appears larger. Although oval diamonds are more expensive than other shapes but are definitely a safe and smart buy, considering you will get the most for your money.


A Unique Bow Tie Formation

Oval diamonds come with some unique features that other diamonds do not have i.e. a bow tie formation visible within the stone. The bow tie effect is caused when light does not bounce back and forth in the center of an oval diamond because of the way the diamond is cut. And this bow tie effect is one of the many aspects that make an oval diamond engagement ring more beautiful and unique.


A Great Pair with Most Settings

Another best aspect of a oval shape diamond is its versatility when it comes to pairing up with most settings. Selecting the right setting is as important as selecting the center stone of your engagement ring. When the setting is wrong it can overpower and outshine the center stone. But in case of oval shaped diamonds, these gems go well with most of the settings. Therefore, choosing the right setting becomes easier.


A Popular Choice Among Celebrities

Celebrities are well known for their lavish lifestyle. Engagement rings are no exception! And you will be surprised and happy to know that most of the celebrities have love for oval diamond engagement rings. Ryan Reynolds, the long time husband of Blake Lively is often given the credit for popularizing oval diamonds when he proposed with a 12-carat pink oval diamond engagement ring which has a worth of $2 Million. Another celebrity couple who made oval diamond engagement rings more popular include the sports power couple athletes David Lee and Caroline Wozniaki. David proposed Caroline with an 8.88 carat oval diamond engagement ring in Bora Bora. The diamond ring was custom designed by Joey Hamra, an experienced and renowned jeweler.

To get your desired oval diamond engagement ring in Canada for your beloved, you can get in touch with a reputable custom jewellery manufacturer who can custom design your engagement ring and make your special day even more special.


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