Will Vaping Make Me Fat

The majority of us are worried about our weight, either for aesthetic or health reasons. The increasing fame of e-cigs, both as a lifestyle option and as a help for quit smoking has forced many to ask – can vaping make me fat? 

When vape juices are accessible in such a range of amazing flavours, it is easy to assume that they might have the same impact on your body as a sweet treat – but this isn’t true. Weight gain occurs when you’re taking calories at a faster rate than your body is burning it. The majority of vape liquids are made from 2 main ingredients, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, which don’t have much calories. 

While vaping you don’t ingest calories. Inhaling & exhaling a vape juice isn’t the same as consuming a product of an identical calorific count. Calories values are calculated based on the energy released when a substance’s ingredients are ignited under lab conditions, irrespective of how that substance interact with your body. 

The calorific value indexed on some vape juices is merely an energy for the material inside the container, and there’s no fact to prove this may be a factor in weight gain. 

Vaping & weight loss:

Even though vaping may have a weight loss impact on some vapers, this shouldn’t be your main reason of vaping. The relationship of vaping to weight loss is fragmented between 2 groups, neither of which associates to fitness or nutrition. 

On the one hand, vaping endures a behavioural resemblance to snacking. The recurring action of putting a stuff to your mouth, and if you use flavoured vape juices, the sweet taste of the item as you breath in. This can either fill or replace cravings for sweet & fattening foods. 

The 2nd category is only applicable if you’re employing vape juices that have nicotine. The nicotine in vape juice may overturn appetite & boost your metabolism in the same manner that conventional cigarettes do, as stated above, but on a smaller scale. 

This entails that if vaping is your 1st experience with nicotine products, you may discover that you reduce a small portion of weight. 


The calorie count of nicotine free vape juices is pretty low. Except you’re ingesting the juice, vaping won’t affect your calorie consumption. 

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