Professional garage door repair to fix your garage door spring

Do you find your garage door opens too quickly or is it too hard to open? Probably you may need to adjust the garage door springs, which is a significant part of the garage door mechanism. It bears the heavyweight of the garage door and allows it to be open or closed accurately. The torsion springs are mounted along the shaft at the top of the garage door that helps undertake the extreme tension of the garage door. It seems like the most hazardous part in a garage door and should be handled by professional garage door installation in Gaithersburg MD rather than a DIY approach! Specialized Garage door repair in Gaithersburg MD specify follow necessary procedure before adjusting or replacing garage door spring.

  • At first, they keep the door to the down position to detach the garage door opener.
  • Then they keep the C-clamp just above the bottom roller of the garage door track to hold the door in place.
  • They locate the adjustment cone on the center shaft. They unlock the adjustment cone has a set screw that locks the tension of the spring on the center shaft.
  • They insert a specialized metal rod meant for the purpose into one of the holes in the adjustment cone. It will hold the cone stay in place to lose the set screw. They do it to lose the set screw.
  • Expert garage door repair in Gaithersburg MD uses a unique technique to turn the rod to move the spring left or right to either loosen or tight it. They remember the number of turns to the first spring and use the same in the second spring as well.
  • After making the spring tension back to normal, they lubricate the garage door springs with special white lithium grease to make it more functional.


  • Garage door springs are under extreme conditions, so they have to be very careful with that. Professional garage door repair in Gaithersburg MD have specialized tools, techniques, and skills to handle the situation
  • Keep your clothes, body, especially your head and hands away from the cone and garage door spring.
  • The garage door installation in Gaithersburg MD needs to have adequate lighting in your work area.
  • They never use un-necessary equipment or other devices that don’t fit into the hole of the adjustment cone. They use only the right fitting steel winding bar for this work.
  • Don’t try to be a hero, or you will up being injured. Call a professional garage door repair in Gaithersburg MD to adjust your garage door spring safely, and let the professional support you with their best experience.

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