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Top Investment Mistakes To Avoid

It’s said that to err is human. People make errors & this applies in the context of investing also. The stock market is a place where fear & greed affect investors, whether a seasoned campaigner or a novice. Here are the top investments mistakes that you want to avoid.

Investing in an ad hoc manner:

Many investors assume that the investment process starts with making an investment. Vital steps, such as having investment goals & crafting investment plans are ignored. Preferably, the investment procedure should start with setting substantial goals, followed by a solid investment plan.

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Investing without any goal & plan leads to investing in an ad hoc manner. Consequently, the investment may become purposeless & fall short of accomplishing desired outcomes. Investors should comprehend that investments aren’t an ‘end’; instead, they’re meant to accomplish an end. Therefore, the significance of having goals & plans in plans is paramount.

Emotion overrules rationale:

Usually, investors get sentimentally attached to their stocks. They stick with their ideas, especially if they’ve researched the stock. Nonetheless, they can stop them from making logical decisions, like putting a stock on sale when there’s little advantage left.

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Another place where sentiments should be kept in check is to get scared near market bottoms & ravenous near market tops. While you can’t catch the highs & lows precisely, one should purchase when others scared & sell when others are greedy.

Top Investment Mistakes


Lack of patience:

You must have heard the saying slow & steady wins the race innumerable time. Slow & steady usually wins the race – be it in school, at the gym, or in your career. Why then you anticipate it to be different from investing? A slow and steady approach can go a long way in your investment career.

Expecting your portfolio to accomplish something other than what they are intended to is simply a recipe for disaster. This means you’ve to keep your expectations sensible in terms of length, time, and growth that each stock will face.

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