Purchasing VGOD STIG Mango Bomb Disposable Pod Device

Are you ready to make the switch from analog cigarettes to vaping? The VGOD STIG ultra-portable and disposable vape pod device is exactly what you need. This vaping device is easy to use, reliable, portable, tiny and lightweight. It requires zero maintenance and delivers a great amount of vapor and nicotine to satisfy your vaping requirements.

Every vape device comes with a built-in battery and a pod filled with 1.2ml of e-liquid containing nicotine salts. This e-liquid is well-known for its ability to provide you with a satisfying amount of nicotine salt that will handle your cravings instantly. The vape device offers you as many hit as approximately a pack of cigarettes.

No other vaping device is more effortless than it. This vaping kit comes with fully-charged and is ready for enjoyment. It doesn’t have any complicated settings that you’ll have to play around with to experience complete satisfaction. That’s the main reason why STIG is considered as a perfect alternative for experienced vaping enthusiasts who are looking to simplify their setup.

This ultra-portable and disposable vape device is considered as user-friendly and the closest thing to a cigarette that you’ll find on the market. It’s quite small and extremely easy to use device seeming like straight out of the box. This kit can be used discreetly by all types of vapers available. You don’t need to stress about pressing any buttons, charging, priming or refilling. This STIG device is ready to go wherever you crave for vaping.

The STIG device takes the vaping salt based nicotine to a whole new level and is filled with Salt Nic e-liquid – a highly concentrated salt based nicotine. It is able to deliver much quicker satisfaction for a longer time period. The Salt Nic e-liquid is amazingly smooth, flavorful and delightful while providing completely satisfactory throat hits.

If you’re looking for an amazing vaping experience to switch the habit genuinely, the STIG is the device you should go for. Every STIG kit is filled with enough juice and power to outlast a single pack of smokes.

Every STIG pack is equivalent to approximately 60 cigarettes. You will experience this amazing taste because of its ease of use and unparalleled flavor while providing you with the value that remains unbeaten.

This STIG device is easy to carry and you can take it anywhere you go so that you can be able to enjoy your active lifestyle and keep discovering inspirations all day long. Out of all flavors, the VGOD Mango Bomb Disposable Pod – Pack of 3 by VGOD STIG is perfect for tropical fruit vaping enthusiasts.

Coated with menthol touches, this flavor will keep the cravings for nicotine in check and cool. It has the juicy mango sweetness and hints of icy menthol that will revive your taste buds along with a new sensation.

VGOD Mango Bomb Disposable Pod - Pack of 3 by VGOD STIG

This vape explodes amazingly on your tongue on exhale and inhale and keeps you cool because of its natural as well as tropical savory delight. If you want to buy VGOD Mango Bomb Disposable Pod – Pack of 3 by VGOD STIG, you should look no further than Ejuice Store. For more information about our products, feel free to visit our website at https://www.ejuicestore.com/products/vgod-mango-bomb-disposable-pod-pack-of-3-by-vgod-stig.

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