Renovate Or Enhance Your Home Décor With One Of A Kind Moroccan Kilim Rug

Rugs are indeed the heart of any home interior. If you want to make a unique addition to your home, there is no better choice than a Moroccan Kilim rug. Kilim rugs are exceptional components for any area of your house, whether it is big or small. It is also used in the living room, bedroom, hallway runner–wherever you like. The most inspiring thing about Kilim is that you can bring bright and colorful to neutral blacks and whites or whatever color scheme you want.


All of such comes with interesting tribal patterns as well. Moroccan Berber tribes also created an astonishing array of Moroccan Kilim rugs using ‘flat weave’ techniques that make your floor furniture and room interior shine. It is a great way to make a smaller rug work for a larger room, too!

Kilim rug is one of the most stunning pieces you can find online. Moroccan Kilim rug is a flat weave, hand-woven, low pile rug used in every house. They are well-known for their geometric designs in bold colors and featured with more neutral and simple designs. They’re made of natural wool. Despite the low pile, they will still give a softer feeling underfoot. They are initially created to be used as carpets or floor coverings.


A large part of the economy of the Moroccan Berber tribe is based around sheep breeding. They generate natural wool from them and use such lovely textiles to produce unique Moroccan rugs and carpets. All such rugs & carpets are woven by women on upright looms and have significance in people’s lives.

The handmade weaving generates distinctive designs that are often based on ordered geometric shapes. The simple, harmonious bands of color bring an inborn sense of innovativeness and spectacle to any interior. They bring so much personality and convey a bit of old and new look to a room. All these vibrant designs and colors of the Moroccan Kilim rug make it look great with any interior color palette.


As with thick & thin pile rugs, different Moroccan tribes had different vibrant weaving traditions. Some use natural dyes like henna, and others use bold red, magenta, mauve, rose, tangerine, and brown. Regional differences are also reflected in making and colors. For example, the kilim rugs woven in the warm south of Moroccan make great use of sunny yellow and saffron colors, whereas such things won’t be found in the rugs produced in the north Moroccan side. Simultaneously, most Berber tribes use minimal colors, while others use more color, texture, and pattern in bold and eye-catching ways. The unique weaving techniques, strong bands of color, and bold geometric designs are often combined with white or cream cotton to mark the themes.


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