Sacred Valley Tour – The Way to Explore the Treasure Kaleidoscope of Peru

The marvelous Sacred Valley is an eternal place of the Incas who toiled hard to defend their legacy and also kept promoting their native culture. The valley is presently a very prevalent tourist hot spot. One on a Sacred Valley tour gets a perception of the Inca culture, and the place offers a glimpse into Peruvian history.

Sacred Valley Tour Packages

The ideal time to visit Sacred Valley

The best season is from June till August. However, then hotels and tours become booked in advance. Therefore, the perfect time to visit the Sacred Valley is exactly before the peak season, April or May. You can also visit after the peak season during September or October before the onset of the rainy season. The weather remains agreeable during these periods, and you can avoid the rush of tourists.

Places to visit in the Sacred Valley

There are various places to visit; we mention some important ones.

Ollantaytambo Ruins

Ollantaytambo Ruins is from where Manco Inca Yupanqui fought with the Spanish colonizers in 1537, the Inca fortress. You can reach The Inca fortress by climbing 200 steps leading to a ceremonial center. You can actually witness the vastness of the Sacred Valley from here. You can also be at an incomplete but well-preserved Inca citadel. The Inca trail starts from the town of Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu.


Pisac is one of the primary towns you will find on your way to the Sacred Valley. It is a town of artisans, and the metal works are unique. Trueque is a century-old custom practiced here every Sunday. You can be at an archaeological complex located in the largest pre-Hispanic cemetery in America. You can also witness the agricultural terraces called Andenes, descending the mountains and still in use. The most important archeological site in Peru is Pisac. 

Salinas de Maras

To date, the people of the Sacred valley use an Inca infrastructure called Salinas de Maras, meaning salt ponds of Maras. You can see 3000 salt ponds built by the mountainside, and every family here possesses at least one. The sun dries the water, and the salt is ready to collect. The ponds look white or red depending on the stage of evaporation. You will feel that you are looking at an ancient city when you view the ponds from a distance.

River Vilcabamba-Urubamba

Various types of vacationers visit Sacred Valley. Incas considered the river Vilcabamba-Urubamba of Sacred valley as the mirror image of the Milky Way. You can raft and ride a kayak in the river if you desire to have an extreme adventure.


People believe that the Incas domesticated plants from other parts of the planet at the laboratory they built in Moray. However, it is incredible to view the circular terraces, having varying moisture levels.

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