What Makes Castle Long Reserve MMXXII Worthwhile Vape by Five Pawns?

Five Pawns is one of the leading ejuice manufacturers in the vaping industry. Every flavor is perfected by hand and is available in tiny batches. Five Pawns strives to invest enormous time and money in crafting its flavors. They are perfectionists and never allow any vape juice to leave their facility before it’s formulated to absolute perfection.

Five Pawns uses the natural USP/ food grade ingredients and the premium pharmaceutical grade nicotine. They provide the delectable flavors for tasting note reasons and combine the best ingredients that help in enhancing the overall vaping experience. Five Pawns team always uses the top ingredients sourced domestically, and all vape liquids are made in California. The flavors are extracted from the actual base ingredients.

Castle Long Reserve MMXXII by Five Pawns 60ml is ideally crafted to deliver smooth, delicious indulgence giving you to experience the alternating hits of subtle and intense flavors. Their flavorings are extracted from superior quality ingredients locally in California or domestically in the US.

Castle Long Reserve MMXXII by Five Pawns 60ml

Castle Long Reserve MMXXII by Five Pawns 60ml is aged and steeped in a treated oak barrel for three-barrel. This eliquid is made in limited quality and is available once a year. This originally flavorful barrel-aged vape liquid is perfect for every vaping connoisseur. The Five Pawns vape juice features toasted coconut eliquid flavoring and two vanilla flavors, Madagascar vanilla bean and French vanilla.

The premium Five Pawns eliquid is enhanced with roasted almonds and brown sugar, offering a nutty and sweet flavorful experience. In addition, five Pawns Castle Long Reserve vape juice brings in the subtle essence of Kentucky bourbon and American oak. This gourmet eliquid allows you to take advantage of an unbridled experience like no other.

You will taste the toasted coconut, roasted almond, brown sugar, two different vanillas, American oak, and Kentucky bourbon. The liquid is extracted from the barrels and filtered using a proprietary filtration process before bottling.

Castle Long Reserve MMXXII by Five Pawns 60ml is coined as the “Liquid of the Year” for multiple years running and is only released once a year. It’s the top-selling vape juice flavor by Five Pawns. Please check out Five Pawns’ available selection of eliquid flavors at Ejuice Store – a premier online vape shop. We specialize in providing exclusive deals and special offers on vape juice flavors. Please browse our website today and find your favorite vape flavor complementing your vape taste buds in the best way possible.

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