Shijin Vapor Vape Juices – Safe to Intake

With an influx of news segments and articles in the media blaming vaping as a culprit for worsening the current pandemic situation while pushing for prohibition of e-cig products continuously. And it is misleading the public about the vaping world and vape juices. FDA and CDC have issued warnings to the public not to buy vaping products from black market that contains THC. However, these products are not the same as e juices or vape products and they don’t even fall into the same category!

For more than 10 years, vape juices have been used as a harm reduction product with no single issue until these random lungs illness cases. As per a research conducted by The Royal College of Physicians of 3500 researchers, combustible cigarettes are deadly and now they have also stated that vaping vape juices is safer than combustible cigarettes by more than 95%.

Shijin Vapor vape juice neither contains Vitamin E, oils or any other chemicals that are named by the FDA and CDC as harmful to intake during this pandemic. Shijin Vapor vape juices are water soluble products that contain propylene glycol (pg), vegetable glycerin (vg), nicotine, and propylene glycol-based flavorings. And as all the ingredients used in their vape products are water soluble, hence the vapor gets absorbed and not trapped in your lungs like the oil based ingredients like Vitamin E.

The company believes that the blame put on vape products are unjust and will be justified soon. Therefore, they have urged the public to do their own research well before concluding anything about the products. The company is known for providing the highest quality and sanitary creation of the vape juices you intake. They take rigorous quality control measures while creating their vape juices. All of their premium e juices are handcrafted in California and they are committed to make use of the safest production methods to ensure safety of vapers. They are renowned for not compromising on their quality, flavor and safety standards. They craft vape juices and other products keeping the demand of their customers in mind.


Some of the best flavor profiles from the house of Shijin Vapor include:

Tortoise Blood vape juice began from humble beginnings and quickly rose to become one of the leading blue raspberry green apple sherbet flavors in the vape industry winning best e liquid at ECC Ontario 2017 and 2018. It is a combination of mellow tone of crisp green apples and a blend of blue raspberry and creamy sherbet.


  • Tiger’s Milk Vape Juice

A concoction of peaches and mangoes that are perfectly infused to craft the delicious slushy treat called Tiger’s Milk.

  • Dragon Cloud Vape Juice

Enjoy the freshly baked cinnamon rolls glazed over in icing that is topped with a decadent creamy vanilla ice cream called the Dragon Cloud vape juice. Bold flavors of cinnamon and vanilla ice cream is ideal for satisfying your sweet tooth cravings.

  • Phoenix Tears by Vape Juice

Phoenix Tears is a bold and complex e juice flavor that appeals to any vape enthusiast who enjoys vaping custards, creams, savories and desserts.


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