Take in the Refreshing Delight of Devil’s Punchbowl Vape Juice

Are you looking for a fruit-flavored vape juice? Need something refreshing like the Californian sun? If your answer is yes, you should definitely go for a devilish vaping treat. Why don’t you try out Devil’s Punchbowl Vape Juice by Khali Vapors!

Devil’s Punchbowl by Khali Vapors combines two outrageously luscious fruits and creates a unique fruit punch. Upon taking this vape juice, every taste bud will be swoon with ultimate joy and enjoyment. In addition, you will be able to refresh all five senses and dazzle the sweet tooth along with natural sugary sensation that you will love and adore the most.

Devil’s Punchbowl Vape Juice

Get ready to enjoy the juicy, smooth, exotic and refreshing taste of Asian guava on the inhale taking over your palate. You will feel like living in a very hot paradise. The plump, succulent and bright Californian grown honey peaches gives you an opportun ity to experience an amazing connection of East meeting the West. On the exhale, you will take advantage of the enticing notes enhancing the natural sweetness for insanely mouthwatering pleasure.

Devil’s Punchbowl Vape Juice by Khali Vapors is a wickedly good vape juice flavor available in a 60ml bottle. It has a flavorful cloud chasing base of 60/40 VG/PG. With just one pull, you will be down with vaping devil.

This intoxicating vape blend combines the exotic flavored Asian guava and sweet juicy peaches. This satisfying tropical fruit vape juice bursts with tartness that will delight your vape palate and produce rich vape clouds offering you ultimate vape experience that is second to none. This tasty thirst quencher will keep you wanting again and again.

Devil’s Punchbowl takes your taste buds to a paradise that you’ll find nowhere. This Khali Vapors vape blend has smoothened thirst quenching guava flavors combined to perfection with a unique touch of sweet juicy peach.

This tropical blend is perfectly made to enjoy a day at the beach. It’s time to slide yourself to a relaxation mode with sweet guava flavor combined with peaches. It’s sure to take you to your coastal Californian happy place.

What better way to take in delectable fruit punch made with ripe, fresh and juicy fruits on the earth! You should definitely give a try to a fruity mix! This deeply delectable ejuice flavor comes with Asian guavas, and honeyed peaches. Eveything is combined to ensure a feeling of pure satisfacion whenever you take a puff.

At the very beginning, you will savor the exotic flavored guavas when they ease your vaping thirst and invigorate. It has the juicy peaches that you will feel and wonder in the back orchard on the hottest summer days. You will have a perfect dose of Queenside feeling like an exhilarating Californian breeze.

This wickedly delicious vape juice from Khali Vapors is available in a 60ml bottle and has a flavorful blend of 60/40 VG/PG. It’s time to load this devilishly fruit flavored eliquid into your mod’s tank today. Start shopping your Devil’s Punchbowl Vape Juice by Khali Vapors. You won’t regret at the end of the day for sure

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