The Aspects That Make Moroccan Kilim Rug Unique From Other Hand Made Varieties

Right, first, what is the significance, and from where does the term Kilim comes from? The word ‘Kilim’ has a Turkish origin and essentially alludes to a pileless textile. The pile is essentially the rug term to portray the outside of the carpet and its density. For instance, a Moroccan Berber Beni Ourain carpet has a thick pile – it is a thick, soft, weighty rug. In comparison, a Moroccan Kilim rug is level and thin.

The manufacturing process of Kilim rugs 

The fundamental contrast between a Kilim rug and different kinds of handcrafted carpets is that a Kilim is a flatweave. What is a flatweave? Flatweave portrays a carpet woven on a loom as opposed to knotted. Interlocking twist and weft strings make it. It is handmade but with a weaving method as opposed to hitching.


Carefully assembled carpets that have a pile and are in this manner, not flatweaves, made by knotting singular strands, of various tones, onto the twists. They then made to hold together by firmly pressing the wefts against one another.

The unmistakable plan highlights a Kilim carpet

The recognition of Kilim rugs is by their primary and striking geometrical design. Slit-woven textile is what Kilim rugs are occasionally called. This is down to the design feature you will check whether you look close – tiny vertical cuts along the edges of the patterns, between the various spaces of shading, where the multiple tones meet. The cuts are attractive as they feature geometrical shapes and give the design an ‘HD’ impact.

The materials used to make Kilim rugs 

By far, most of Kilims have manufacture using 100% wool. In few cases, the twist will likewise contain cotton. Wool is an incredible choice for rugs. It is broadly accessible, hardwearing, and simple to deal with, and the vegetable colours take to make it impeccably.


Reason Kilim rugs cost less than other handcrafted rugs

There are heaps of various elements contributing towards the expense of a handcrafted rug. The fundamental explanation Kilim carpets are lower in cost is a direct result of the measure of time, exertion and ability that goes into creating them. They are of exquisite quality and perfectly designed. However, because of how the manufacture happens, they do not take insofar as hand-knotted carpets and do not need a similar degree of expertise to make.

Ideally, now you have a hang on what a Moroccan Kilim rug is and what makes them distinctive to different kinds of handcrafted mats. So here are five advantages of Kilim rugs.


Kilim rugs are reasonable throughout the entire year. Rugs can have use for better protection in cold weather for centuries, and Kilim rugs will not let you down for this reason. Nonetheless, in contrast to substantial pile rugs, level woven mats are lightweight and breathable, trapping in less warmth in the late spring months. That is the reason they are regularly the well-known decision for conservatories and hotter nations.


Family amicable 

High traffic zones, where the kids play, where the canine invests most of its energy are all likely not the most mainstream spots to put a high-esteem collectable or Persian floor covering. Flatweave carpets are simple to clean, simple to deal with and move around, and are obviously of lower value, so they are ideal for zones in the home that will generally need a great deal of cleaning. This is the reasons, at times, people call them kitchen rugs.

Splendid and striking 

You can discover Kilims is such countless various tones, and they are generally brilliant and strong. They are ideal for infusing a sprinkle of shading into space or having a touch of fun.

Incredible for a lower financial plan 

As we have addressed, Kilim rugs are entirely moderate, indifferent to size. If you have a limited spending plan for your carpet buy, they are an incredible spot to begin.


Kilims do not shed 

As Kilims have no pile, there is zero chance of having a shedding rug on your hands! As fewer residues gather, thus lower amounts of allergens as well. Low maintenance carpet without a doubt.

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