The Berber Jewelry Design That You Need To Buy

Moroccan women really love and treasure their jewelry box. They are proud of the jewelry pieces that they have from their ancestors. Each piece of jewelry has a sentiment attached and has a history of its own. You can also have such Berber jewelry of Morocco from reputed manufacturers and distributors sitting at the solace of your home.


It is best to know about the jewelry designs that you can purchase at an affordable rate. These designs really reveal the ethnicity and are authentic when you buy them from reputed manufacturers and distributors.

Berber Necklaces

Berber necklaces are one of Morocco’s most symbolic jewelry pieces that you can purchase. If you wish to have unique pieces of jewelry, which reflects your personality, you cannot miss purchasing a Berber necklace.

You can have these necklaces in different sizes and can range from large pieces to daintier ones. Silver and genuine stones like amber, coral and onyx have used in making Berber necklaces. The price of the necklace depends on the material used and the weight of the jewelry piece.


Silver bracelets

The silver bracelet is another jewelry piece favored by Moroccan women. You can wear these bracelets in single or layer in set to achieve the desired thickness in your wrist. As usual, there are many designs to choose from and they can be single or heavily engraved.

Hamas jewelry

Khamsa, the Eye of Fatima, or Hand of Fatima is other names of Hamas. It is a Moroccan-Jewish symbol and represents a hand. People believe that the hand protects one who wears it from evil and bad people.


You can purchase Hamsa necklaces, Hamsa pendants, bracelets and earrings. Moroccan women have many of these and wear whenever they go out to have protection from evil and bad persons.

It is not that you have to cut a hole in your pocket to have such Moroccan jewelry. There are online stores that make it possible to have the best of Berber jewelry of Morocco at an affordable price. They feel proud to share the Moroccan cultural symbol with the outside world.


WeBerber is one such group of Berber artisans who can depend on to have the best of Moroccan jewelry. They make it a point to combine Moroccan tradition in the jewelry using new and innovative methods. They ensure that the pieces of jewelry are all handmade and authentic in design and style. They pay personal attention to details so that each piece of jewelry is unique from the other. Call 0624219261 to know more about the Moroccan jewelry available and place your order.