The Difference Between Vape Mods And Pod Mods

It is a long journey for vaping and vaping devices. Presently in the market, we can see various natures of e-juices and vaping accessories.

The first thing that we saw was a cigarette like an accessory and then came the vape pens. Then came the vape mods, and presently we can see the pod mods. It is wise to know the difference between mods and pod mods before you set to buy Mango Disposable Pod by X BAR.


What are vape mods?

Vape mods are those significant vaping devices that you see with various buttons to control power, temperature and other aspects. It is widespread to see these vaping devices in the hand of vapers. One can expect to have excellent vapor production and has its origin from vape pens.

These vape devices use e-liquids and are best for sub-ohm vaping. If you do not know what sub-ohm vaping is, it is vaping done on lower power or resistance.

What are pod mods?

E-cigarettes that use disposable or refillable pods are pod mods. This device does not have any tank or coil. Instead, you can insert pods and be ready to vape. It is easy to use and offers the best of convenience to vapers.

The difference between vape mods and pod mods

However, there are differences between vape mods and pod mods. Let us know those.


When you consider vape mods, then you can interchange every part and can use it on a different vaping device made by another brand. However, this is not the case with pod mods. Pod mods have a design for a specific device. You cannot use definite pod mods with another device.

Use of different vaping products

E-liquids have used in vape mods, while nicotine salt has utilization in pod mods.

As Vape mods’ design is to provide sub-ohm vaping, you can expect to have massive vape clouds as a vaper. The e-liquids used have superior VG content. As the elements in the e-liquids are more viscous, it facilitates thicker and dense vapors when you vape vaping. However, sometimes you may find such vapes troublesome for your throat.

Less acidic nicotine salts have utilization in Pod mods. This signifies that you will have a smoother feeling in your throat. They also have superior nicotine content than regular e-liquids. The best part is that these devices enable higher nicotine content as well as is smothering to the throat. However, pod mods are not suitable for sub-ohm vaping.

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