The Fascinating History Of Berber Rugs

While a lot of people have heard of Berber rugs, they generally don’t know that those rugs were named after the tribes in Northern Africa that initially started making them & continue till date. Of course, there’re fake Berber rugs readily available in the market, but they can’t match the quality of authentic ones handcrafted by authentic Berber.

The Berbers have lived in the Middle & High Atlas Mountains for several years before the Arab invasions in the seventh century and still live there at present. The rugs they made were used for everything from burial blankets, cloaks, and even mattresses. They came in different colors, styles, waves and patterns relying upon which tribe & family crafted them.

The wool was taken from the family ship & then hand-crafted into different thickness of fibers. Later, the fibers were dyed in many traditional colors employing dyes from formulas passed on for hundreds of years. The dyes came from many different local & distant leaves, fruits, herbs, minerals, and spices.

Each different tribe had their unique weaves, knots, loops, patterns, and dyes that they used to make every rug, cloak, or carpet unique. Their distinct colorings & patterns made them recognizable to collectors, first locally and now globally. Today Berber rugs found in the castles of royalty & homes of the rich people across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East also. There’re now museums that exhibit many of the diverse Berber rugs owned by royalty across the globe.

Till date, there’re many remote regions in Morocco where households work to produce unique Berber rugs just the way they have for hundreds of years. You should not compare these rugs with the machine-made, mass produced Berber style rugs sold in many shops in the West. These rugs are handmade from start to end and look unique in the right way.

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