The True Tale Of Moroccan Kilim Rug

The eye-catching designs enhancing the décor of a place make Moroccan Kilim rug loved by those having a sense of aesthetics. The striking pattern and the vivid color of these rugs make it possible to uplift the décor of even the drabbest looking room. The true tale of the Kilim rug lies hidden behind that what meets the eye.


What is a Kilim Rug?

The specific nature of a flat weave and plain weave rug is a Kilim Rug. A flat weave rug does not have piles and offers a different feeling as compared to other kinds of rugs. As there are no piles, there is a requirement of less labor and materials to manufacture it. Moreover, flat weave rugs are affordable compared to other types of hand-knotted rugs. You can have a relaxing feeling to your foot due to the unique texture of the rug. It is also light in weight and so one can move it from one place to another quickly and store that when not in use. Maintaining these rugs is also easy as there is less accumulation of dust and dirt.

Why Kilim rug stand apart from other types of rugs? 

The diverse, bold patterns and the vivid mixture of colors are unique features of Moroccan Kilim rugs. You can find different motifs like geometric shapes, animals, plants and symbolisms of natural events or emotions weaved on such rugs. However, the real reason for these rugs’ popularity lies beneath what we can see through our naked eyes.


All these rugs are masterpieces, each depicting a different story. Tribal women who weave these rugs weave symbols representing good health, fortune, protection from danger, good family relations, or fertility.

These rugs are also an embodiment of artistic ingenuity and self-expression. The weaver can depict a story or evoke emotion with the help of the design in the rug. As there is no laid out rules for the design, each of the Kilim rugs is unique. It is the carrier of ancient Moroccan heritage descending from their ancestors.


Weavers use the finest material to weave these Kilim rugs. The use of the finest material ensures the proper display of the color, design and pattern of these rugs. The material used for weaving these rugs is wool from sheep and that is why these rugs have natural strength and shine.

The weavers use traditional beating comb, scissors and a loom to weave these rugs. The method of weaving descends from their ancestors and that differs from family to family.


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