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Things You Should Avoid While Vaping

There’re a lot of beautiful things to love regarding the immense world of vaping: intermingling with a lovely community of likeminded people, learning fundamental principles of electricity and the list goes on. But there’re some mistakes than can turn your happy vaping experience into a horrible one. That’s why here we’ve put together this list of things you should avoid while vaping.

Dry hit:

Dry hits are perhaps the worst thing for any vaper and this is something they should avoid at any cost while vaping. Always ensure you soak your wick & prime your coil prior to vaping.

Low battery:

All vapers encounter this issue at least once in their lifetime. Regardless of what device you’re using running out of battery is the worst nightmare you can have as a vaper. Keep your batteries fully charged to ensure you device is functioning to its best ability. If yo’re setting off for a long tour, ensure you’ve adequate batteries with you to last while you are far from home. Having a backup battery with you can be a real vape-saver when you are on the move. Relying upon your device type, a micro USB charger is wise to keep with you or inside the car as they’ll work with almost any USB port.

Flavour ghosting:

Flavor ghosting is not the end of the world for the majority of vapers. In fact vapers quite relish the blend of specific flavours. However, while switching between 2 signficantly diverse flavours, it is wise if you can offer your vape tank a thorough cleaning. If you are using an RDA you may get away with just firing your mod until the e-liquid has all been vaporized from the cotton, but it’s recommended to change your cotton if you can. This’ll assist to ensure you’ve a fresh, untainted vape.

Discriminatory Attitude:

Not all vapers are fortunate enough to have the latest and most powerful device on their pockets. Not everybody is a seasoned flavour chaser or cloud maker. Rather than shaming tootle proofers, we should accept all the different vaping styles out there. Keep in mind that, we were all newcomer once.

Unsecure builds:

Are you keen in making your own coil? May be you are an experienced vaper who loves to trial with new setups? Either way, it is essential that you teach yourself on aspects such as Ohm’s Law & battery safety. Don’t put more power to your device than it can deal with. Have a clear idea about the voltage, resistance, and the load of your device.

Vape tongue:

Another issue which infects vapers across the globe is the horrible “vape tongue.” There’re several variables that can have an impact on your palate. One of them is vaping the same e-liquid again and again. However, sometimes it truly does assist to have your second favorite flavor on standby.

Sour Straws by Candy King 100ml

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