Top 3 Dessert Flavoured Vape Juices To Check Out In 2021

Dessert vape juice provides probably one of the most widespread varieties of flavours in vaping, imitating popular puddings, pastry delights and sweet treats. Because of their sweet and rich taste, this sort of vape juice is an immense hit among vapers around the world. Though high in demand during the colder months, but this does not mean desert vape juices are not appetizing during the hot summer, with a lot of vapers strictly enjoy dessert blend and nothing else – irrespective of what season it is.

Dessert blends provide a broad variety of any kind of vape juice flavour from simple vanilla to complicated bakery fusion. As a leading online retailer of vape juice and related products we are always being asked what the best dessert flavours are. Here we have shortlisted top 3 of them:

Caramel Crunch by Vampire Vape:

Caramel Crunch is from the UK vape juice pioneers of Vampire Vape, recognized for their top-notch concoctions including the ever popular Heisenberg &Pinkman. Caramel Crunch is different from their standard menthol and fruit flavors, with a rich caramel flavour. With a creamy infusion of coffee and butterscotch incorporating a nice layer, this is undoubtedly one of Vampire Vape’s most undervalued desertvape juices.

Original by Johnny Creampuff 100ml:

Available in both vanilla and cream flavour, Original by Johnny Creampuff is ideal for any dessert lover in search of a sweet tooth fix. The vanilla creampuff is crafted wonderfully, leaving your mouth watering every time.

Cherry Bakewell by Double Drip:

Imitating conventional British puddings is as tougher than it sounds, particularly one as renowned across the globe as the typical Bakewell tart. However, Double Drip, gets this classic flavour spot on, with a buttery cake pastry infused with sweet icing sugar and juicy raspberry jam.

The vape juice is accessible as a 10ml nicotine mixture, in potencies of 10mg & 20mg. The advantages of salt nicotine are that you will enjoy a quicker absorption of nicotine compare to freebase, but with a lighter throat hit.

Voyaging you to the somnolent village in the Derbyshire Dales, Cherry Bakewell work as an excellent all day vape with a minimally rich taste, meaning it does not weigh too heavy when used regularly.

If you are looking for more dessert flavours, check out the collection of We are very much certain that you won’t be disappointed with your dessert e juice collection.

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