Online Vape Store Versus Physical Vape Shops – A Comparison

Online Vape Store Versus Physical Vape Shops – A Comparison

One of the biggest confusions among vapers especially the newbie vapers is from where to buy their e juices and vaping devices! Should they look for “vape shops near me” and pick it up from their nearest vape shop or go for an online vape shop like E Juice Store? So let us find out which of the two options is the best choice below:

Online Vape Store Versus Physical Vape Shops Near You

#1 – Convenience

As far as convenience is concerned, online vape store is the sheer winner. Not just it allows you to shop from anywhere at any time but also saves a lot of your time and money by offering a myriad of options under a single roof.

On the other hand when you shop at a physical store, you will have to drive to the store and wait in line to get that 120ml of vape juice provided they have it in their stock. For instance, if you are looking for Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin Vape Juice by Noms X2 and visited your nearby store for buying the same, after waiting in the line the retailer says the particular vape juice is not available in the stock. It is a complete wastage of your valuable time. On the contrary, you can check if the vape juice is available in their inventory with simple search and navigation features and if found, can place your order.

#2 – Variety of Products and Brands at Better Prices

Online vape stores have devoid of several stringent restrictions that a retail store has. For instance, an online vape store do not require to maintain a retail storefront or pay for a location. As the extra overhead gets removed, online vape stores invest their resources into more inventory and larger warehouse space. Additionally, online vape stores leverage drop shipping, third-party fulfilment options and smart solutions for enhancing their available inventory without increasing costs. So for customers like you there are more variety of vape juice flavors from different brands at better pricing.

#3 – Customer Service of the Highest Standards

Online vape stores are always mindful about their digital reputation. They understand that bad reviews can hamper their business and decrease their average rating which may further result in hundreds of lost orders. To avoid such risks online vape stores make constant efforts to gain the trust of their customers by providing customer service of the highest standards.

#4 – Ease of Comparing the Products

With online vape stores you get the option to research, compare the products and make informed purchase from the convenience of their home. They also provide all relevant and helpful information to help customers find their desired vape juice easily at the best price. Moreover, online vape stores are not limited by location which means you can place order for your favorite e juice for example Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin Vape Juice from anywhere at your convenience.

On the contrary, with retailer shop you need to visit to them physically to get your desired vape juice and there is no guarantee that you will find your desired vape juice with them.


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