Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions By Vapers Across The Globe

It’d be very cliché to say “new year, new me” every time a New Year began, right? Some people try to lose weight, whereas other tries to increase their earning. The list of New Year resolution is actually never ending.

One of those New Year resolutions may include quit smoking and switching to vaping. Having said that, if you are here because you’re planning to switch to vaping, we will answer some common queries that people may ask about vaping.

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Does vaping prompts lung injuries?

The answer to this query is probably a big “NO”. If you are employing examined vape products & hardware that we’ve here at E Juice Store, you can purchase with assurance knowing that these items haven’t been associated to any lung injuries by the relevant agencies. While the media has targeted the vaping industry because of the respiratory ailments spreading across the country, it was later discovered that vaping stuffs, employed by those that contracted the respiratory ailments, were prohibited THC cartridges generally featuring vitamin E acetate.

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Concerning these 2 constituents, E Juice Store and other reputed sellers don’t sell stuffs featuring THC or vitamin E.  We strongly recommend that you don’t buy any vape items outside of reputed sellers & vendors such as

What’s popcorn lung?

Popcorn lung is a condition that damages the smallest airways of your lung. It can make you feel short of breath & persuade a cough. Many health experts conflict with each other: some believe that vaping and popcorn lung are related, whereas others assume that there’s no connection. Overall, there’s no solid & definitive substantiation that vaping cause popcorn lung.

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Is secondhand vaping as hazardous as secondhand smoking?

Considering the number of constituents in e-liquids (usually 4) in comparison to cigarettes (more than 7000), secondhand vaping isn’t as hazardous as secondhand smoking. For those new to the vaping industry, the 4 constituents in e-liquids are usually VG (Vegetable glycerin), PG (Propylene Glycol), nicotine and different flavorings.

At the same time, cigarettes feature several injurious substances like formaldehyde, cyanide, carbon monoxide, lead, arsenic, and even certain insecticides. These constituents aren’t just only discovered in conventional cigarettes but even sometimes in regular household stuff that you would not want to inhale or ingest.

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Will my vape device battery explode in my face?

The odds of your battery bursting in your face are quite slender if you are purchasing tested products from Nevertheless, these incidents usually happen because of improper vape setups, user error, or using devices while they’re charging.

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