Top 5 Appetizing Flavors From The House Of Vape Breakfast Classics

Do you think e juice flavors come only in strange and awkward flavors like pepper? Then you are wrong! E juices are available in a variety of flavor profiles including some of the breakfast-inspired flavors that are comforting and delicious. If you are looking for some vape juice flavors that will help you make you wake up in the morning in an invigorating way, then you will discover a myriad of breakfast enthused flavor profiles. However, you do not have to confine them to the morning rather you can enjoy these top-class delectable vape juice flavors any time of the day.

When it comes to breakfast inspired vape juice flavors, the manufacturer that leads the lot is the Vape Breakfast Classics series. Vape Breakfast Classics is created by Tasty Flavors US which was established in 2013. The creation of these flavors came from the love that the manufacturers have for breakfast themed flavors, and to share these flavors the breakfast lovers of the world.  The company has become #1 in the category and has distributed in 80 countries worldwide and loved by millions!

Take a look at the appetizing flavors from the house of Vape Breakfast Classics that will please your taste buds with the very first hit.

French Dude Reload Vape Juice

French Dude Reload Vape Juice is the revamped edition of Vape Breakfast Classic’s popular flavor, French Dude with scrumptious and explosive flavor. The original French Dude vape juice is topped with blueberries and whipped cream, lemon tart, adding in a pastry base zesty lemon curd. French Dude Reload by Vape Breakfast Classics is a truly appetizing merge that won’t leave you disappointed!

  • Pancake Man by (Tasty Flavors) Vape Breakfast Classics

Pancake Man  is defined by a flavor that contains fluffy pancakes that is topped with butter, fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and drizzled with maple syrup.

French Dude by (Tasty Flavors) Vape Breakfast Classics

French Dude vape juice offers you the taste of fluffy golden toast soaked in maple syrup topped with whipped cream and blueberries.

  • Unicorn Cakes by Vape Breakfast Classics

Unicorn Cakes by Vape Breakfast Classics is a pile of blueberry dessert pancake soaked in silky strawberry milk that produces a one-of-a-kind vape flavor experience that is distinct from anything you’ve ever come across. It offers an experience that is truly designed for those seeking a new adventure.

  • Mango & Cream French Dude by Vape Breakfast Classics

Seeking fruity dash in your breakfast vape juice? Something to vape that no one else has ever made or tried? Mango & Cream French Dude is a unique flavor that mixes French toast with whipped cream, mangoes, and sweet creams into one palatable breakfast on the go, vape in style, vape unique, and bring your vape to the promised land with something new and completely original.

  • Tooty Frooty Pancake Man by Vape Breakfast Classics

Tooty Frooty Pancake Man is a vape juice that is the higher version of pancake that serves up a stack of pancakes smothered in syrup and candied fruits.


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